If Dominus > Piety

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I am not through with what we have so far of Act 3 so I don’t know more about how Gems are created. I will keep working on my theory^^

Given that there is more to come in Act 3 (reference), it'll be interesting to find out more about that.

On a related topic: in terms of tropes, Dominus could be argued to be the Big Bad, with Piety and Gravicius being two of his three Dragons, based the first image in IncGamers.com's article covering the enemies of Act 3. The obvious question: who's the third (the chap on the right in the article's first image)?

Related Q: the banners on Gravicius' tent have writing on then; however, even at full close-up I found it difficult to make out. Has anyone had better luck with this?
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