Is EK gonna get nerfed or not?

I'm not aware of any plans to nerf EK specifically.
We do plan to fix some projectile interactions to work as intended that currently do not, and this will result in less benefit using EK (among other skills) with certain support gems.
This is not being done to nerf EK because we think it's too powerful, it's being done to make things work in a more intuitive and sensible manner, as we intended them to work. I have no current ETA on those particular changes.

Specifically, it is not considered correct functionality that when a projectile chains or forks, the 'new' projectile(s) created are as though they had just been fired - this is supposed to represent the original projectile continuing after the hit, just like pierce, not a new projectile being fired.
For projectiles with a set lifetime such as EK and Freezing pulse, this means forking/chaining will no longer 'reset' that lifetime as it does now - if a knife has 0.2 seconds of it's animation before it stops being collidable when it chains, the chained knife will continue on with that 0.2 seconds, rather than a brand new duration.
Similarly, An Ice spear that has changed to it's second form and chains will stay in second form, not revert to first form until it covers that distance again.
This chance will also include fixing the interaction of Point Blank and Chin Sol's unique bonus based on distance with chain - the distance travelled will also be remembered after the chain/fork, where it currently is not.

Again, this is not being done to nerf EK specifically, but to make things work intuitively and as intended. This will, however, have a notable effect on the efficiancy of EK when used with Chain or Fork support gems. So far as I'm aware we don't consider EK to be overpowered at the moment (but Carl's the one to really check that with), and if we feel that EK is not longer good enough after this change is implemented, it might well be buffed numerically to make up for the lost efficiency from this fix - but again, that's Carl's call, not mine.

I have posted about this upcoming change a few times in the past when asked if certain interaction such as these were intended or were bugs, so I suspect that's where the rumors of a nerf to EK may have come from.
Ouch, changing chains and fork O_O
RIP fork and chain
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The travel time change is going to ruin these support gems for me. I can understand fixing the other stuff, but not resetting the travel times is going to be a huge nerf, especially with a mid range skill like EK. You'll have to get into melee range to make sure your shots fork/chain through large packs of enemies, otherwise at long range there's not enough travel time left in a projectile to carry it much farther. Basically the only skill fork and chain will be useful on after this change is Lightning Strike, because anyone casting a spell or shooting an arrow is probably doing it from the other side of the screen and having their forks/chains fizzle before reaching a second target wont do them any good at all.

Was a really fun mechanic, but I'd have to agree with the above poster if this nerf happens. RIP
EK would still have the highest dps spell as it is physical, benefiting from elemental auras, combined with REALLY HIGH BASE DAMAGE. EK will still be cookie cutter
So there goes my EK shadow..

If HC doesn't get me, the nerf hammer will.

I'm curious, if balance changes make certain characters non-viable, will there be respec points provided?

I have always wondered how the non-respec policy would work in this situation. I think the design principle is excellent, the tricky bit is handling it with significant re-balancing.

Also, the claim of "not working as intended" is often used by devs. Just call it a nerf, explain why and people will understand.
I don't even use EK, I'm more afraid of what will happen to my Lightning Arrow archer. LA + LMP + Fork is so much fun right now, but if I have to start firing it from melee range due to travel time concerns that character is pretty much dead to me.
Agreed with Astasia. IF projectiles will not reset at all and the range will be same as the spell initial range the gems like fork/chain will be waste of mana nothing more.

Maybe something like:

FORK: created projectiles travel 25% slower than original and have 50% reduced range
CHAIN: First chain: 25%slower/25%reduced range // second chain: 33%slower/75% reduced range

this will be IMHO acceptable mechanic nerf.

And my 2 cents to GGG: dont reelase broken/unbalanced skill gems only for nerfing them to the ground in next patches after pll get used t them and love them. It suxx. Nerfs suxx.

Overall instead nerfing mechanics you should buff another skills because sa mony of then sucks so much compared to best ones.
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if you don't want to fo in melee range with your ek use faster projectile support = projectiles move a greater distance during lifetime = more range
guys..he JUST said if a spell is underpowered after the change it will be buffed.

plus this is a buff for ice spear as far as I can tell.
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