Cut-throat, Event 4: 4 Hour Cut-throat

no people, no pvp :(
only met a guy but it was a bad timing for me so I had to run off

I believe cut throat should be around 30-60m, maybe even 2h, but 4h are way too long
pvp is still totally unbalanced, freezing and 2h gear scaling are super op
lag is still op too, in the end I had a ~15s disconnection and could not do anything at all to survive a bunch of whites in prision... srly no kidding
I think it was your fault, among other things because here it was around 6:30 am, so it should be the optimal time for online trafic

I don't like neither the fact this is not hc

Come on GGG repeat with me: "we don't know how to balance but we think we know how to patch up, please forgive us for releasing things (when not useless) based on our guts feeling without testing"
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The problem freezelock is the issue.

If everybody had a freeze cooldown like those unique chaingloves it wouldn't be that bad but even if you got max resists it will say 0:01 0:01 0:01 0:01 0:01 0:01.

This isn't even a PVP issue. It's also abused with bosses such as the freezemine profilation exploit.
Great fun this race, made it to lvl 24, didn't die once, must have killed 50+ people haha. did pvp 3/4 of time and a little pve(to act 2)

This league needs some minor changes but all-in-all it's freaking awesome, if you know your class and know what you're doing, you have same chance as everybody else. I see alot of people crying over it being "unbalanced".. I say blame the person controlling the char.

There seemed to be alot of bugs involving people not being able to join eachothers instance. I was going to duel alot of people and we simply couldn't find eachothers instance, even though we were same level, tried different areas etc.

Can't wait for 12 hour race.
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Completed 6 Challengesboof wrote:
GreenDude wrote:
DD321123 wrote:
Please make it so other skills than cold skills are at least viable? I should not have to use these cold skills to play cutthroat.

This is exactly why I don't waste my time pvping in CT. I prefer to just progress and farm to practice for upcoming race season than to get perma frozen and lose all my gear.

Let's face the music GreenDude... you'd run even if a naked ranger ran up to you.

Lol I killed 3 people on this event and got killed 2 or 3 times. But all i really felt like doing was kill dominus and go to cruel just because I miss racing. I actually got to piety, killed her and then logged cause i was bored. I do real pvp in LLD HC if you guys want a real balanced match.
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