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Carnage Heart ... is it actually worth the HP loss?

This item.
Is it worth 25% of my life as I am playing tanky or at least I try to... ?
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I would use it just for the extra gore!

I would think if you had the armor and resist, then the 9% lifetap would make up for the 25% health lost. Of course, this would be in normal mode, not in HC, where risking a death to stand and deal damage is never worth it.
Since i was playing very dark levels i did not notice the gore yet ... but i ill use it since im not a HC player ... If it takes too much life i might have to replace it later.

This is a tough choice item! Love it!!
Crazy. German. Storyteller. Writer. Poet.
It really depends on your build, back in beta i had a shadow using Heart and it was a great addition to my build I might do the same again when i get my hands on one.
Maybe ill build a built just on that item one day ;) Thanks for that idea mate!
Crazy. German. Storyteller. Writer. Poet.
i was reading somewhere that the -25% is calculated from your base health, not from you actual max health. base health should be something like 800hp (?) on higher levels. so -200 hp. i guess thats ok.

dont have a confirmation to this though. try it out if you get your hands on that chest.
You can sell it to me if you like.

But anyways like people said, it works with some builds. My vaal pact build for instance. I'll need to get one of these eventually for my char to work in end game.
Assume you have:
1,000 base health points,
200% increased health

1,000*(100% + 200%)=3,000
Your total health is 3,000 points.


Assume you have:
1,000 base health points,
200% increased health
25% health reduction from Carnage Heart

1,000*(100% + 200% - 25%)= 2,750
Your total health is 2,750 points


Total health reduction is 250 points. This is 8.33% of your total health.
Carnage Heart is equal to not having 25% increased health mod <-- [Newbie Friendly] Marauder Melee Build
IGN: NinjaArabStrategist
Woag Thanks for the math dude :P
Crazy. German. Storyteller. Writer. Poet.

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