Vaal Summon Skeletons, New Microtransactions and First Ambush Atziri Kill

San Francisco meetup! Can't wait!
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Can't wait for Invasion bosses nerf!
Shriners is dead but Chick is a phoenix.
Would you also update us on weather anyone has finished all the achievments or how many ppl completed x number of achievement thus far.
inb4 ice nova buff
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Chris wrote:
StrayYoshi wrote:
Question: Are you guys currently working on any new skill gems? I don't mean vaal skills, I mean original skills. Just wondering.

Yes. One of the prototypes made it into 1.1.0 by mistake for example :)

My baby blue lightning ball
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Slashzilla Reave Guide-First Reave Shadow :)
Damnit, now I gotta try this stuff out AND play Dark Souls 2 >.>.
Gonna have a hard time sleeping for awhile.
Where is the surprise!
Hope there will be a similar vaal Rise Zombie
So, basically, the first 50 to kill Atziri in each league, get to wear her hat.

Personally, I think it's an ugly, ugly piece of headgear -- I think it looks like the bastard offspring of a helmet, a goat and a neck brace -- but to each their own.
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I want to know what happens if for example after the 49 people killed atziri in either league, then a group of 6 kill her. Does everyone of those 6 get the reward or just a lucky one?
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