[1.1] VP CI Dagger Flicker!

So after the new passive tree changes i set out to make CI VP workable again. The main idea is to use many small and fast hits with flicker strike and stack as high leech as possible.

Current lv69 tree

Current gear

6k tooltip dps with 5L flicker
14% leech (working on it)
44% block
63% crit chance with flicker
500+% crit multiplier
2k ES (!!!)
handles reflect moderately well with granite flask and 4k armour

Here is my problems:
1. not enough mana to run both Discipline and Hatred and continue spamming flicker
2. my ES would be around 3k once i get a high ES shield. current ES is about 2k
3. the tree compromises my dps quite abit
4. the effectiveness of this build does not reflect the expenses put into it

How do i solve these issues? How should i progress my tree/gear?
I really want to make CI crit flicker strike work. Thanks!

Last edited by Jaywhytan on Mar 9, 2014 4:19:06 AM
Get rid of death's oath, get higher es shield, get mana on gear or tree, refund some shield nodes... here's what I was thinkin for near final tree... You can save yourself a node by ghost reaver by skipping out on the accuracy and going up to get GR the power charge way. http://poebuilder.com/#character/AAAAAgAAA5YFfQW1DkgQexEvEZYV8Ba_GtsbrRzcJJ0k_So4Kwos4TB8Oyg74TyOPeI-z0ZxRwZI7krIUUdW6lb1X2pgQ2JaY0NtGW49bqpwUnBWcLtw1XiufeN-WX8rf8aC5IMJg72H24hCiGuKr4wLjb-OipARkBuTJ5fQmZqaE52joqOmf6crpzSpbqxmsbO0DLTFtUi18rb3t9O5Prl8vea-Or68wFHBAMHFwfPC7MNt037VANUc18vYdtsa227b1N3n4vfjhOaI51Tp_uq66xTrY-wY7LDtQfPq9Uv5Y_yr

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