Witch Build

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Well I look through it and first thing I notice is you get Zealot's Oath which sounds cool, but you don't have any life regen.

Also the left side beginning where you pick up all those different elemental nodes for damage and resistance seems wasteful for 12 points when there are a few nodes which will get you overall elemental damage and resistance.

Whenever I make a build I make the build within 60 points so I know where I want to be by that time. 60 points lets me know if I'm going to continue with the build or make a new char and if I do continue the rest of the points are just for improvements.

This is my lvl 30 Witch. I made an outline of the build before I started it, but am just making it through the tree and grabbing survivability as I go through. I chose the templar side because honestly we all know that side is the best. Knowing I will carry a shield I am going to grab both the elemental resist while holding a shield. I also will grab celestial walker which adds 10% ele resist and dmg. As I lvl I will fill up the life nodes. I have no intention of having minions but kind of basing it off of all the builds krip has made, but starting with a witch rather than a templar.


I would look through the tree some more so you understand that wasting 12 points is pretty big deal. Level 80 is hard to get to and those points can be used for much better things.

P.S. I'm not claiming to know all. I'm actually rather bad at this game.
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