Sacrifice of the Vaal: Teaser Screenshot #5

Sacrifice of the Vaal introduces two new Challenge Leagues - Ambush and Invasion. While the full details of how they modify the game will be revealed at the end of this week, we took a screenshot from the Ambush league a few days ago and have a teaser screenshot from the Invasion league for you today.

Click the image for a large version of the screenshot.

Also, here's a group of corrupted items that came from three maps of the same base type:

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Grinding Gear Games

Invasion looks crazy. I hope it's not simply random monsters on random areas, that's kind of what maps are for.
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So Invasions brings monster mix-up into the game. interesting <--- mirror Thread
looks nice :D
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Good job!
Very cool :)
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Yes yes, corrupted items, we`ve heard of them already.
You have entered Ghetto.

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