Less than two weeks to go for Sacrifice of the Vaal!

Chris wrote:
After announcing the name and theme of Sacrifice of the Vaal a week ago, today's update covers the overall scope of the mini-expansion. We've modified our promotional image to detail the specific areas that SotV improves, including a reveal of a new currency item and the names of the new challenge leagues. Full information will be revealed with the press embargo lifts on March 1. Let the speculation continue!

We released a few teasers this week and have many more planned for next week. Here are the ones so far:

In addition, we posted this 10 second teaser video today. Enjoy!
awww yeee
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looks sweet so far keep it up, not sure how i feel about the new HC league being named "Invasion" though...
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Are we there yet :D
First page swagger.

New leagues look interesting. Curious to see what Ambush is, since it's probably what I'll be primarily playing.

Edit: Also, the improved cutthroat mode is interesting. Be interesting to see if it's a modifier on one of the leagues.

Completed 20 ChallengesStrayYoshi wrote:
New supporter unique:
Queen Atziri's Bra
+3 armor
+3% to fire resistances
-3% to cold resistances
50% chance to blind
gems in this armor are SUPPORTED by level 3 cleave

you forgot...
player has -50% max mana
Vorici can shove his fuse up his [removed]
20$ donation when GGG makes an extra "party tab" in social screen without WTB/WTS spam
Queen Atziri has 3 tits...
Ambush and Invasion? Looks like I'll be playing standard.
Bullshit, you get the game for free.

So excited for the mini expansion. HYYYYPE!
The Vaal Orb!!!

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