New Microtransaction and Sacrifice of the Vaal: Teaser Screenshot #2

white gem is probably portal
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Zackypp wrote:
what does the 0 represent on burning arrow? weird

I'm guessing its the key binding

Edit: ^ I'm sure I heard something a while back about being able to rebind the mouse button slots to other things. Might be wrong though

Then there would be no reason to have the right click icon on the skill icon then would there? ;)

I'd say that its cause BA is linked to a trap support, cause that's where the trap amount goes, but there's no linked gems in that image.

So it might be an effect of the new quiver: arrow skills have an 'ammo counter' that coolsdown like traps.
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Oh God, it's the Ring of Folly ;)

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corrupted... i imagine the ability to lead hoardes of titty bitches into one of the camp instances and cause havoc amongst the afk's and idle people.
I spy Uniq Quiver

also LOVE BALDURS GATE... don't equip that its cursed (corrupted)
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Wildwolfay wrote:
Is that a WHITE GEM up top in the green socket?!

White gems that can go into any socket to opposite the white sockets with any gem!? :)

White Gems exists since closed beta...
Love IT
Burning arrow with a Support tag... aint no links gems in the setup lol

And that quiver is a Unique Poison quiver

probably gives a "Bow skill are supported by Poisonous hit" (new support gem)
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I can't take this anymore... Release SotV now or I'll commit sudoku. Right now!
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