Season Six, Event 159: 1 Hour ELBLAMT

Or it's fracturing. *shudder*
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I quit after eight deaths at level 1. -.- Highest of which had 48 exp.
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how the hell do you kill that orange totem spewing lightning !!?
i love Blamt and fracturing race, i really hope there are more event with these mod lol
100 min fixed seed boring as hell i hope they remove that one in the future
Between the off screen detonate dead totems, evangelists and puncture snakes I can safely say this was the least fun type of race I ever participated in.
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I was having a grand time until I experienced enough lag to lock the game. When I logged back in, dead of course :(

Ps. Died a few times before that too, but those were my fault.
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Why must every race in US est primetime be BLAMT, Fracture or 3 hour party?
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Oroboruss wrote:
how the hell do you kill that orange totem spewing lightning !!?

very very slowly, with health regen
In Zone 3 a rare freeze pulser ran up to me and 1-shot me. Yup.

Still kinda fun though.

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