BuyingAndSelling's GEM SHOP(mainly quality ones)

WTB Grace 2 alche orb.
IGN DexterIIIorgan
WTB Grace 2 alche orb.
IGN DexterIIIorgan
1 chaos light arrow
hey bro, wanna trade my Devoy Totem or Shockwave Totem for your Rejuvenation Totem? post your answer here and I will add u ingame later check my shop daily! all nice items
Sorry I dont need shock or decoy totem
Also to the grace offer if u can do chaos plus alch quality grace is urs
Up leave offers here school ends in 3hrs then I can log in to trade
1gcp for LA
IGN: SwaggerOfWreaclast
sorry i need to remove lightning arrow, haha i decided i was gonna use it instead

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