Help me appraise my SIlverbranch (accepting offers as well)

Hey all

I have a really good Silverbranch its 2 green linked. While I will accept offers in this thread Id like to ask that people chime in to help me determine its value and price range. I have heard thats its worth anything from mult chaos to GPC. Some clarity pleas? Thank you!
- IGN: Aethaeri
Its a really low level bow that is replaced very easily. I would be surprised if someone was willing to pay a GCP for it.
I know its worth quite a bit because its one of the best levelin items in the game for bow users as they can Poison Arrow gem it and carry themselves for quite a while just on that.

Anybody else know?
- IGN: Aethaeri
there are some other nice bow, but i would offer 2 alchemy for it, because a friend of me just started his first char and i want to support him a bit to get into the game...

pm me if you are still interested to trade it.

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