Do you people read ebooks?

Where do you usually look for ebooks to read?
On what device do you usually read it?
Can you say any indie books you really enjoyed?

Guys, give me a hand here, I published a book and I could use some information on people's preferences and stuff. I think my book has its downs and ups, there are some great stuff in it, but it might not hold the same quality throughout the whole read. There is plenty I can improve, but like I said I could really use some information or feedback.

If anyone want to check it out, you can download a 30% sample in any format at Smashwords:
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I use my iPad to read books. KOBO is my favorite eReader to use.
I dont read e-books per se but i do have 1200 digital books on my hard drive but most is pdf. (shop)
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I normally get someone to print them out for me first.
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Started years back with phones, then about 40 books on an ancient PDA (Loox 720), then switched to modern phones with moon reader. But once I saw the kindle display with my own eyes nothing comes close.
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I get ebooks of books I already own for ease of reading. Not many yet but I'll get more.

My fascination with it only began when I privately ebooked my own stuff for a lark. I was like, this is cool!

Otherwise, I still prefer a book you can dog-ear and write in lovingly and leave in the loo for those special moments of true privacy.
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Narrated naughty ebooks are kind of funneh and feely good in the pants.
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I'll read a fictional novel as an e-Book, with my Kindle Fire. Though, most of my reading time falls into the non-fiction or technical manual category - in which I still prefer paper so I can write notes, highlight, bookmark, etc.
I read an average of two novels per week, and switched to ebooks a few years back because it's more convenient and saves heaps of space. I read on dedicated e-ink readers, though. Tried it on the iPad and on the Nexus 7, and the backlit LCD screens don't do it for me. Frontlit e-ink readers offer a nicer experience ... and I won't be checking mail every few minutes. :)

Android and iOS have nicer reading apps, though. I recently picked up an e-ink reader that runs on Android and allows the installation of apps without having to root it. One of these days I'll see if I can install Moon+ Reader and Calibre Companion on it to get the best of both worlds. Just not been in a tinkering mood lately.
I prefer real books. Its just nice to actually flip the page and see the book falling apart from overuse.
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