To sympathize with Monsta...

My dog ate the neighbor's puppy.

My neighbors arent fluent in english so they sent their 9 year old daughter to my house to ask if I had seen their puppy.

Well, I hadnt seen the puppy and none of my dogs were acting out of the ordinry, so i told her i hadnt seen the puppy.

After a few minutes I decided to go double check the back yard because of all the leaves out there.

Turns out their puppy was killed. My Great Pyrenees broke its neck and flung it all around the yard.

Well, I didnt have the courage to go face the neighbors and tell them their puppy was dead so me and the girlfriend put it in a shoebox and she took it over to them (she speaks spanish as well so i think it helped).

I felt so bad about it but what could i do?
Sorry to hear that. =-[.]-=
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Sorry to hear about this. All in all I guess it hasn't been a great week for animals wandering into people's yards. RIP :(

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