My two lesbian doves

Part of the creed is to never eat a dove!

IGN: Ignorance_N_Bliss
Violin is like an orgasm in my ears god dayum.
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Mmmm, but doves baked in a pie smell sooooo irresistibly good!
Why doesn't autocorrect correct incorrect words, but autocorrects correct words incorrectly?
but baked doves gud

Yeah, figured that would have been the right decission 1 year earlier,
atleast better than this monogamy-curse that it is right now.
But wasn´t hungry that time, and most likely never will be to this degree.

+Goats prever Herbage
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I prefer [Removed by Admin!!!!!]
It appears that I_Catfood won the namingcompetition, yesterdays relocationattempts haven´t been of success, so it jumped off tonight.

I also found an starved buzzard in the middle of a lawn, today.

The birds are falling.
Try flipping them. I love flipping the bird.
I wasn't sure what was in store for the reader when I opened this thread.

I was thinking that "Doves" was just a pet name for your harem of lesbian slave women. Turns out that you really do have lesbian doves.

Are you sure that they're lesbian? Have you seen them making out? Or are they just females living together? Do they soap each other in the bath in a lovingly soft way? Scratch that last question, I think I was reliving a porno I may have watched that actually had women rather than doves.
“I would pour you a glass of wine, but wouldn’t it be more romantic if you sipped it out of my armpit?”
― Jarod Kintz
Tried flipping it.

but nothing happend.
What was meant to happen ?
Did i do it wrong ?
Besides getting me in dangerous positions ?

Also noticed it moved location over night, might not be dead yet.
Have you ever heard storys of feinting dead zombiebirds ?

I also think i discovered Yu´s secret Goatherosuperpower, he seems to be able to flip meat on the other side of the globe, espacially handy when in need of a guy managing the grill.

Yes to all your questions.
Just look in their eyes and see their dirty secrets.

Seriously! That has to be the most evil looking window ever!

Nice birds.
Stop posing pictures of food, youre making me hungry!
Why doesn't autocorrect correct incorrect words, but autocorrects correct words incorrectly?

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