[Nemesis] Flame Totem Mara (WIP)

The idea of this build is to pump up dual flame totems while still maintaining a healthy life pool with blood magic. The items needed would be AR based to maximize the bonus, and a luxury item would be a rathpith or an aegis to capitalize on a decent block chance.

The extreme mana cost is the reason that I go for blood magic. The only aura I would ever consider would be vitality with a prism guardian and the 40% reduction node, but that is still 26% of my life.

Mostly posted for my own records, however if anyone has any kind of constructive criticism or optimization I will happily accept. I do have experience as my highest leveled character is a flame totem templar, and I think a mara can do it better.

The main links for the build would be:

Flame totem > LMP or GMP > Fire Pen > Minion res (5 or 6 link would add culling or IIR)

Searing Totem > Increased Burning > (Need ideas and research for more links)

For bandits I will say my personal favorite for this type of character is Oak/passive/passive



-Added Bandit choice
-Changed to a more life based build
-Added 16% life and 30% life from flasks to round the build out at 100 points

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Well i think that your life is way too low to play as a Blood Magic : /
And only 2.5% hp regen? How much will ya have per sec? 100? 120?
I could get a significant amount of increased life if I were to drop the 10 or so nodes I take for ES. This is not a bad option I will mock up a tree to see how this looks.

came up with the life wheel at scion for an 84% life increase (with 1 extra point) and I lose the armor/ES and some resistance to gain it. This is not a bad way to go at all. It is also *only* 97 points.

Forever alt-oholic
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