I fell better now

So Moon is a reverted Satyr?

Lower body of mere men but upper body of strong goat.

if i remember correctly from another thread he made he has very womanly hands, that might also could have been Vakirauta but i am not sure, so maybe he just has a goat head, tail and hes really hairy
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How was this fall different from the last?
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Fire_Kid wrote:
How was this fall different from the last?

its 4 am fire kid im still waiting on the god damn punchline
The womanly hands were Vakirauta's.

And I am not hairy.
You're thinking of Hard "Wookie" Licker.
anyway, is fire kid dead? i still havent gotten the punchline to his joke
check the title VictorDoom.

He fell better now.

I'm certain there needs to be skills involved here.
Hermit. Oh Hermit. I'm stuck using my phone as my better half as taken over my laptop. Fucking autocorrect keeps pissing me off.

So be gentle.
But look, you've landed in what appears to be a quite comfortable position with a fine view of the poinsettia (which looks amazing for this time of year I must say) and possibly begonias.
I fell better now

I want pics from your bad fall!!
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