Help - How to build a stronger GSlam Mara?

This gear and your overall stats should get you to 80 cruisingly.

If you have serious survival problems, drop iir items for more life.



Heres my gear and spec. In this gear I have 38 IIQ/140IIR and still cap resists and have 6k hp. Obviously without the belt/boots/gloves combo you get closer to 7k and have more dps, but i can clear anything in the game and nearly all map mods like this anyway so its fine. I think this tree is pretty much as optimized as I can get it, it took alot of regrets to get it this way and some gear shuffling, but im pretty happy with it. It mostly prioritizes high hp (im at like 294% increased life) but still has a fair bit of damage in it. Obviously it's relatively high lvl but you can cut down on the stuff in the templar tree and have it as a serviceable lvl 80 build. My gear is very good so that helps, but it works fine with lower gear, just lower dps. My GS is at 15k and HS is at 40k self buffed. Ground Slam can be much stronger with Concentrated AOE (this gem adds the most dps to the skill iirc) but I prefer the farther range, I just stand at max range and spam GS and shit dies. Really good for bosses where standing close sucks like Courtyard. You get alot of damage from hatred and do enough damage with 6% life leech (use carnage heart if you cant get a good rare amulet) that phys reflect is usually not a problem. Just bring Infernal Blow instead of heavy strike for single target on those kind of maps. If you have any questions let me know.
Hi Lorven,

Thanks for the reply - I really like your build and the setup you have. It all makes sence to me. I swapped some items around and took on more IIQ - this has improved the fun of getting way more drops.

Can't currently afford a big respec and some 6sock gear but probably work that way.

Thanks heaps for shareing - more food for thought!

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