Help - How to build a stronger GSlam Mara?

Hi Guys,

I'm currently at level 77 - hitting the following stats:

Single Target (Heavy Strike): 21k
Ground Slam: 9k
Life: 4.2k
Armour: 4.5k
Res: (not all maxed but ranging from 20% up)




I'm running a ground slammer with a nice amount of life leech. So far everything up to level 70 maps are easy, above that I struggle. Piety runs are simple also ;)

So i'm looking for improvements (this is my first character Mara and im thinking my build probably needs some work).

So where should I invest?
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Lots of strange stuff... heavily suggest you to read the wiki.

Multistrike with Endurance Charge on Melee Stun? Unless you are farming low lvl areas, chances are high you will never stun anything. Low alpha damage means no stun. Kick Multistrike for Stun so you have a realistic stuncharge engine or scrap that completely and take Lifeleech or something else instead.

Leap Slam + Melee Splash doesn't work, because LS already has an AoE.

CoDT + 2 Curses and you can only have one... kick one of them, it's redundant.

Immortal Call must be casted with Molten Shell, IC absorbtion works for MS.

Does the Shockwave Totem cast Detonate Dead? That's pretty wasted space for a CoDT. Either take a decoy or - what i heavily advise - make a real CoDT combo. Dunno if that what you set up there works but there is absolutely no reason not to go CoDT + Enduring Cry + Increased Duration + Increased Area of Effect and CoDT + Immortal Call + Molten Shell + Increased Duration. THAT is a combo. If you have 2x CoDT, at least use them. Not using Enduring cry is not good.
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Hi Mate,

made some changes - cheers. Yeh with the Endurance charge - 90% of the time im running around with full charges (unless Immortal call goes off). So at the moment wont change. If I swap it to Stun I loose 2k dmg.

I only really use leap slam for getting around lol! So the melee splash was being leveled then sold.

So reading ur post - best upgrade is to buy some gems more fitting lol!

Cheers for the feedback.

anyone else got some suggestions?

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Okay, so made even more changes.

Life has dropped: 3.9k
Armour about the same.
Glacial Strike(Single) 15k dmg
Ground Slam: 11k dmg
Lifeleech 16%

Also changed some equip, gems and passives (now using vaal pact).

Survivability went up nicely, finding charging about it maps way easier now.



Still looking for improvement.. One thing Im unsure about is my gloves - Running some MF gear, but maybe I need to improve the gloves - any suggestions?
Gear looks ok.


I'd get rid of the 6 mediocre armor and mace nodes between duelist and marauder and the 3 resist nodes at scion (if you need resists, change your gear).
Also took some nodes off of duelist start.

These ~11 points can go into templar mace/armor nodes (way better, you get same damage&armor for 3 points instead of 6).

You get life there as well, 3,9k is very low.

In a couple of levels, this will get you to:
If you want to improve it next step is drop Blood Magic skill get some mana leech on gear and run 1 aura
These builds need work. I have no idea why you guys removed extra endurance charges in your builds. Are you guys planning to do only 66 to 68 maps? Endurance charges are extremely important for extra physical resistances, and CWDT + immortal call + molten shell + increase duration. This combination between extra physical resistances and CWDT makes you extremely tanky. I would also advice you to fit in endurance charge on melee stun gem in your ground slam. I would remove added fire damage in your ground slam. In my opinion the huge increase of survivability is well worth a 2k - 3k dps loss. Having 7 endurance charges with decent gear with armor makes you have around ~70% physical resistance up all the time plus having immortal call proc at 7 to 8 seconds of physical invulnerability is boss.
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So yep not using endurance charges - I had to drop something to get Vaal Pact onto my build, and thats what was dropped. I know what your saying about being tanky - but with the changes this character has great survivability. Last night I soloed Dominicus no deaths. Usually I couldnt do that before. I have been running level 72 maps without dieing at the moment, and finding it pretty easy.

So im capping out and finding it hard to get lvl 80.. stats as follows-

Life- 4.6k
Res - all maxed except chaos
Armour - 4.5k
Gs damage - 10k
Glacial damage - 15k




What should I do to up damage / survivability
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