Question on ES chest armour

I recently got this drop and noticed the es to be 653
when I compared with other high es chest, its es seems to be lot lower with 156%es and 144max es. Item requirement to be 60 also. with 20% quality it is around 780ish. Never done crafting before so I wanted to ask before trying to exalt it to see what happens.
very nice rolls, however it is on a low level base item, Destroyer Regalia as opposed to the highest level one which is the Vaal Regalia therefore it has less ES to multiply off

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Edit myself. Yep it isn't Vaal regalia otherwise it would have been worth something to sell as craft base if you don't have Eternals. If it was Vaal and you 5l with a couple res, easy exalts. But if you craft exalt with no eternal (most people wouldn't on this) then it's just a gamble. Research your slots and see what's open on prefix and affix. Personally, I would try if I had the currency. You might dump more in than it's worth is the reality, depending on how long to link.
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that would still be a 750 es chest I would 5L and keep it. maybe throw a few ex at it and hope for resists. Not a bad investment for about 3-5 ex. Considering a 750+ es 5L goes for like 8-10ex now?
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If you can 5L it and get resists on it (all WAY harder than it sounds), you'll have a pretty sweet chestpiece there.

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