Supporter packs physical goods?

So when am I supposed to receive those exactly? I've been a divine supporter for more than a few months, and there's still no trace of them at all.
I did spot some threads where people were talking about how they received theirs, and they were living in the same region.
Should I just email support with that?
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May just take a while.

Back in closed beta i didn't get my Gold package until probably 5 months later, granted they said they weren't ready to ship yet.

Nothing i was concerned with of course.

I saw something about certain supporter packs being shipped sometime this month though.
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I registered for it on Jinx in October 31st and got my package about two weeks ago.
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I registered for it on Jinx in October 31st and got my package about two weeks ago.

Mine is from July 6th...
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Hey there,

I've sent you a private message in regards to your query.
I ordered my Exalted Supporter Pack for Open Beta on June 9, 2013 and still haven't received the physical goods. :P

I've emailed J!NX three times. I've contacted GGG support. GGG support gave me a link to the J!NX website, which I already had. They said there should be a link to check the status of my package, but that's only if you have an account with J!NX. Unfortunately, when I used the Redemption Number to pick my T-shirt sizes, I didn't sign up for an account.

The responses from the three emails to J!NX were simply, "We're sorry for the delay".

I have two Point Packs I'd like to upgrade and get the Conqueror's Supporter Pack, but I'm reluctant to do so until I receive my previous order.
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Sunday, January 26, 2014 (US time)

I found a large package on my doorstep this afternoon. I finally received my physical goods from the Exalted Supporter Pack. biggrin

I guess I'll have to call support and combine my two Point Packs towards the Conqueror's Supporter Pack this week. thumbsup
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