High Life, High Tri-Res Gloves, what should I do with them???

I had these drop in Lunaris this afternoon. Wanted to get some input on what I should do with them.

yolo exalt twice obviously.
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Whoaa! How much would gloves like these go for?
If you don't roll attack speed and life leech or mana leech they are not good so eternal and exalt it repeat
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Im trying to sell this helm that would match those pretty good..
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Eternal exalt.. Don't yolo.
Attack speed is a suffix and you already have 3 suffix with the 3 resist.
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Sell it to someone who will yolo or eternal
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just to clarify, these gloves are nowhere near good enough eternal exalting.

16 ias is a requirement and even then uniques have great lower cost options including tfist and mali.
IGN: Arlianth
Check out my LA build: 1782214

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