How can we as players help to keep PoE alive? Aside from lifting weights that is

I really wish we had embedded video, just this once.

You're not fooling anyone. :)
Never have two games of the same genre pulled me with equal insistence as Wolcen and PoE. And yet they're so vastly different...

Nope, lack of exile voice-acting after act 4 decides it. Back to dodge-roll combo-melee until 3.0 is actually *finished*.
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What a fantastic topic.

Why didn't you post any idea's to draw in new players? Oh wait, it's because the "word you won't say" is still a huge factor in the game, and nothing is going to change until that gets touched up. It's as simple as that.

Honestly I feel this thread is only to attract more trolls, especially telling from the tone of the first post made by OP.
I would think it prudent to consolidate on the player base POE already has rather than bring in new and potentially unhappy players.
reboticon wrote:
We could kidnap people, lock them in the room under the stairs, and force them to play.

That's why I play. So if you ever find yourself in a party with me, pay attention to all those "HELP!" messages I write. It usually goes like this:

"Evlinia: HELP!"
"Evlinia: I'm being held aga"
Evlinia has left the party
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I live In a country where few people pay for software (low income, etc.).
One would expect a game like PoE would be very attractive under the circumstances (as many can't afford Diablo 3 for example).
However, judging by interest on local forums, such few people seem to take interest in what is, after all, a free game.
Which brings me to the conclusion not much can be done. PoE is a niche game. I've played about 40 hours, read a lot of wiki and still don't understand most of the mechanics of itemization and skill synergy. I do love the game for what it is, and bought some stashes to help myself and GGG in the process.

Do you want PoE to be more popular, here's some ides:

- more mainstream: this game definitely needs some tutorials. All those that found out PoE via steam and Gamespot GOTY award found themselves lost after 30m of playtime and quit. Yes, people need their hand held.

- I understand the complex gameplay mechanics that cause desync. I really do. But if there was one compromise GGG should have made it would have been in that department. Everyone agrees that D3 is crap, but absolutely everyone agrees that gameplay is flawless. I'm pretty sure the complexity of PoE itemization and skills would have worked with a more basic, less desync-y system. I see why it will never happen, but it had to be stated.

- the overall experience needs more personality. Unique monsters and bosses need more lore. Not the cheesy stuff Blizz has done, but trust me, I went through the game and I can't tell much of the story if someone asks me about it.

- as little as I'm interested in such things, the game does need some more bling. I love the art, and the realistic approach to graphics, but sometimes it feels dated. And sound effects are rather bad (even though the music is nice)

To conclude, I believe the game has reached a vicious circle. It needs more funding to attract more players and it needs some compromises (mostly about stuff that causes desync) but it keeps new players away by being too complex.
I take it for what it is and enjoy it (I'm playing hardcore solo self-found ans somehow managed to reach level 50 act 3 cruel on my first char).
But as far as I see it, i really believe that unless GGG is willing to change the "max hardcore" philosophy of the game, the peak has been reached for PoE.
To get back on topic, not much can be done from us players. It's better to ask GGG that question.

LE: OMG OMG OMG, I mentioned desync..time to dig a hole and hide my orbs from divine intervention...
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This Thread has been provided by "Lift weights while High", the new thread creating software that is pioneering in making no sense.
I'm a forum warrior, i was born to post, raised to defend my league. Now my post has been removed, chained and exiled by mods who Ban. Ban is my brother; i do not fear it. I see it in the eyes of men and beasts that i troll. It will take me to play the actual game when i am ready and i am not ready.
Completed 1 ChallengeSamBaLam wrote:

Honestly I feel this thread is only to attract more trolls, especially telling from the tone of the first post made by OP.

Yes yes, little Samuel, anyone who doesnt desync is a "fanboy/troll" and anyone who does is a "constructive critic".

when I see a tag probation I wonder, what did this man to deserve this?
Then i feel envy, perhaps he has the balls to write the things that many of us can't.
I've had enough of posting on these forums.

Every single thread I make for some reason is moved to off-topic.

Now, I don't have a problem with off-topic, it's a good forum, but this thread was moved here, and I was warned by a mod that I actually like that I need to post off-topic threads in off-topic instead of having to have them moved here. I'm not 100% sure if this is the thread he was referring to, but if it is, I'm genuinely confused.

This thread is not off-topic. I was asking people if they had any ideas how to make PoE a more attractive experience for new players, or more generally, how can we (as players) get more people playing?
when I see a tag probation I wonder, what did this man to deserve this?
Then i feel envy, perhaps he has the balls to write the things that many of us can't.

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