How can we as players help to keep PoE alive? Aside from lifting weights that is

I hear this talk that this game is dying.

Are you talkin to me?

You must be talkin to me. There's nobody else here.

While there may be one major issue that will not be named by name in this thread (until someone else names it maybe), that seems to be preventing players from playing the game and having a happy fun time, I personally think that I have a solution to increase the player base drastically.

We, as a unified community that all love each other and have nothing but respect for the GGG team, need to find ways (think globally, act locally) that we can be constructive and help make the game more attractive for all players.

Yes, even those poor little level 17 kiddos stuck on normal Merveil because they cant figure out how to equip gems.
Yes, even that new player that wants to buy/sell something and for some unforgivable reason does not know its exact "worth" on the market.

We must stand up and accept all of our fellow players, be they annoying, slow, under-geared, or filling our screen with a billion summons.

Unite, players of Wraeclast, and celebrate this good day! The day of PoE's rebirth and resurgence as the top video game of all time is upon us! May the blessings of RNGesus shine down upon you like the holy light of the power of the highest of the mighty!

If you have any suggestions how we can bring in new players, let's hear them!

As long as the suggestion is not "fix desync". We are not deplumber, I am talking about ways that we can realistically make this game like an uber fun 1990's rocking pool party extreme for new and old players alike. Rekindle the flames of lolstomping and get back at grinding those maps, or hustling that trade or whatever it is that you do in this game.

This thread shall not contain discussion of desync and after this post may RNGesus strike down the orb drops of anyone who would be foolish enough to even post the very word that we shall no longer mention or speak of its name.

If you have any suggestions how we can bring in new players, let's hear them!

Plz can we has McDonalds MtX? I want a pet big mac and a golden arches back attachment/footprint effect.

Get on that phone and make the deal GGG

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9/10 for persuasiveness, quoting yourself, and triple spoiler

(10/10 if you add another spoiler or 2)
Cribstaxx wrote:
9/10 for persuasiveness, quoting yourself, and triple spoiler

(10/10 if you add another spoiler or 2)

Fair enough.

Have any contributions to add?

Perhaps we could host some sort of user-led advertising campaign across multimedia platforms to spread the good word of the ChrisWilson?
Bro, do you even lift?
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we need to make learn how to GGg program so fix bid FPS lag that make many death

my comput can run game so well!! path of exile run so bad path o run like bad fps

I am the world's best path of exile player, I strong I kill all monster with amazing power
Two options

Praise GGG for their piss poor effort lately and continue fanboying to improve the games image.

Criticize GGG on their glaringly obvious flaws and get buried in the feedback forum.

Keep playing

"just for try, for see and for know"
plz move this to suggestions mods

We could kidnap people, lock them in the room under the stairs, and force them to play.
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Isbox1 wrote:
plz move this to suggestions mods



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