The forum is full with complaints

glh5 wrote:
nazi forum policy.

The hyperbole is strong in this one.
Most official game forums are filled with negativity and complaints because all the people who enjoy the game are too busy playing.
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glh5 wrote:
Recently I noticed the forum is full with complaints, negative feedback, people that are butthurt and people that are quitting the game or have already quit it. And not only that, but also lots of threads about illicit activities like scamming and RMT. This was certainly not the case in closed beta. This is also the reason that GGG decided to enforce a nazi forum policy.

What does this mean? I am interested to the cause. Did the game get worse from closed beta or are the players just all have a shitty attitude right now? Discuss.

It says more about the state of humanity than it does the state of this game...

The state of humanity hasn't changed since release LOL, which is funnily enough when the complaints started pouring in. Game is now bad, deal with it.
Hardcore idiots seeing scamming n00bz as their best income didn't go well with release. So, there is a lot of but hurt people out there.
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Video game forums are always super negative. It's personal investment that makes it so: if you spend a lot of time with something, you'll eventually become keenly aware of the parts of it that piss you off. Sort of like marriage.
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"The reason this game has a poor economy and drop rates is because Chris sells currency to RMT"

"I died 2 times today."

Yes this is forum is drenched in complaints, time to close the game down and give back refunds.

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I think it's because the Devs have promised too much but delivered too little. They keep pushing new useless Uniques and skills out the door instead of fixing the old ones first. People complain because they're losing patience and they're losing it more quickly than ever. This game is technically how old now?
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Video game forums are always super negative. It's personal investment that makes it so: if you spend a lot of time with something, you'll eventually become keenly aware of the parts of it that piss you off. Sort of like marriage.

Ive played a hell of alot of MMO's and online games in my time. Only two forums have been so overly negative during their first year release. Diablo 3 and this.

And to name a few ive played, Asheron's Call, Anarchy Online, Everquest, Ultima Online, WoW(Vanilla, TBC, WOTLK, CATA), Rappelz, Flyff, Diablo 2 + LoD, TA, Asheron's Call 2, Perfect World MY, Perfect World INT, Forsaken World, Neverwinter, Guild wars 1, Guild Wars 2

And im sure there are more i cannot think of right now. Only D3 and PoE have had such negative feedback on forums. Yes every other game had a bit here and there, and alot of them are full of negative feedback now - but it was not in their first year of release.

So something is wrong for sure. Is the game broken or dying? No. Because forums do not represent the whole playerbase - but they do show worrying signs which im sure that GGG are well aware of.
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Maybe its because with all the issues.... GGG keeps having patches that address none of them. No one cares about vendor uniques... Fix the RNG/Trade/Crafting/Loot It is a bigger problem than desync.

GGG doesn't comment at all on any of the threads... people are getting upset that love and care for the game.
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Posters on these fora appear to lack patience. They want what they want, and they want it NOW. GGG aren't sitting in their oak-panelled offices lighting imported cigars with $100 bills, chortling at our collective sufferings at their hands. They love this game, and are hard at work making it the best that they can within their vision of the game.

Trade system suck? Of course it does. The Devs are working on a forum-based trading interface, long in coming, but they know they have to get it right before it comes online.

Desync sucks? Yes, but it is a consequence of design decisions which are intended to minimize the kinds of cheating rampant in other games. GGG has been honest in stating that desync isn't going away, but they continue to seek ways to minimize its impact.

Drop rates suck? Compared to...? Just because PoE doesn't give you what you want, as soon as you want, doesn't mean it isn't a good game, Perhaps, it's just not a good game for you. The Devs aren't gonna open the floodgates and start heaping goodies into the game, just because players would like more stuff. The game economy has been designed to be as sustainable as possible, and ties directly into the balance of the game system.

Remember: The Devs made PoE to be the game they wanted to play,and invited us all to come play, too. If it doesn't meet with your personal standards, then mebbe it's not for you. PoE is far from complete; there are going to be aspects and elements (from items to whole Acts) added over time which will refresh and enliven the game for years to come. PoE doesn't even really have an "end-game." What it has is a placeholder for what high-level play will eventually be, when there are more Acts, and the game can scale properly to higher levels. The Map system is not end-game, any more than the Maelstrom of Chaos was, back in the day.

Anyway, there are some people who get off on chronic, repetitive kvetching; it garners them attention, even if they fail to realize how it can make them look. Yet even they must still see something in the game, if they're still here, right? It'd be pretty sad if they had nowhere better to be than the forum of a game they actually dun like. ='[.]'=
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