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For all those players who claim they quit playing

I've seen a lot of posts lately of people claiming to have quit the game lately. Alot of these posts are in 'POE is Dying' type of threads and I've seen a lot of posts of players who quit and is unhappy with the state of the game.

So why are you here posting in the forums? If you no longer play the game, why are you guys still around? It doesn't make sense to me. If you no longer enjoy the game isn't there a better thing to do with your time?
Forum is the real PoE.
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I'm just waiting until the new gemcraft comes out. Entertain myself a bit on these forums.
After gemcraft is played through, I come back and enjoy the forum a bit more.
If a D2 style permanent league ever comes out, I would play that.

So there's always a chance of the game instantly turning balls to the wall awesome.

Tl;dr: Hope and boredom my friend, they keep us here.
Vote +1 to change Path of Exile to Path of Nerfs.
People feel the need to make others feel how they feel or see things. Share the misery. :D

Are we races?
They are emotionally attached to the game (aka mad) and have to vent somewhere.
Of all sad words of tongue and pen, the saddest are these: /pol/ was right again.

easy to tell if the poster is a troller, a lier, or a lamer.
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I log in to do a trade every now and then, but otherwise I haven't played played in a few weeks. Don't post that much either.

Games just. . . gone sour for me. I see that carrot all the way across the ravine. I have no incentive to go chase it.
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Completed 5 ChallengesI_NO wrote:
Forum is the real PoE.


80% items are sold in forum
All builds and trades=forum

Only thing you do ingame is level to 70+ /It took me day to get over 70 level
and win all 3 diff and then flip items to get better

I used to play self found but it just isn't viable/effective
I did play self found with wich in closed beta marauder in open and now i play trade simulator duelist

I enjoy this game but really some small %chance for upgrades without trade would help to my motivation + that feel when you see 20 high end items drop and no 1 get allocated to you .
1:6 I would expect atleast 1 :D

Now it is just about forum upgrading of my build

Chances that I get better drop is 0,0001% on rings
0,00002% on amulets 0% on armor uniques can't get noticably better
Only thing I could do Is buy legacy rainbows for more resist
but my resist is caped
I would buy it on forum anyway because ingame ppl want 1000x higher ammount of orbs

Forum is 75%+ of POE so It is important to keep it with no spam etc
You just exp ingame if you want decent build
I would never reach 60k infernal blow with tank playin self found.
Self found is completely unrewarding It is nerfing yourself for some sort of fun?
Self found is not challenging It just slowest way possible of reaching end game.
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OP: Trainwrecking.
There are only two types of people playing Path of Exile. Those who play BECAUSE it's free-to-play, and those who play DESPITE it being free-to-play.

And there is an ongoing war between the two that no one, not even GGG, can resolve.
I quit playing D3 some time ago, but still lurk the forums, just to read up on what's going on, maybe a good patch will come out? Not likely, maybe they're doing the same.

You WANT to WANT to play it, but as is, you don't want to.

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