Act 3 Guide (By: KarmaEntity)

I hope this helps many. Bookmark and please enjoy.

- Welcome to Sarn!
- Find Sarn Encampment and talk to everybody.
- Head out to Sarn Slums and find/kill Guard Captain (Save Clarissa)
- Find Tolman Bracelet in crematorium & kill piety 1/2 way for it. (Reward: Slums sewers key)
- Locate "MarketPlace" and find the "Market Sewers" to unlock with key. (Red circle map icon)
- Collect 2 bust in "Market Sewers" and 1 in "warehouse sewers" (Both sewers connect)
- Head to Solaris temple (at battlefront) and find/talk to dialla on the 3rd floor.
- Head back to battle front and get "Ribbon Spool" inside the "Blackguard Chest" (Green icon)
- Head back down to "dialla" in Solaris temple floor 3 and give her the "Ribbon Spool".
- Head back to "Battle front" and find "The docks". Locate the "Thaumetic Sulphite" here.
- Return back to "dialla" and give her the "Thaumetic Sulphite". (Reward: Infernal Talc)
- Return to Warehouse Sewers way-point and use the "Infernal Talc" on the Undying Blockage.
- Make your way through the conduit to "The barracks" and find/kill "General Gravicius".
- Return to the "The barracks" and find the "Lunaris Temple" door. (way-point on 2th floor)
- Now Find your way to Piety and KILL IT. (Watch out for Kole!... on the way.)
- Return to Sarn Encampment. Talk to everybody in town. (Reward: Finale door key)
- Head to the "The barracks" and find the door where General Gravicius use to be at.
- Congratulations!!!.

Guide Notes:
- There are some spoilers.
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Love you,
Awesome guide! Thanks for writing it out so clearly. Saved me alot of running around.
Super work, thank you. It would have taken me twice as long with my super fragile build otherwise. Cheers

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