1.0.5b Patch Notes

slutbags69 wrote:
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Pretty lame to nerf Cast on Death with minions if characters were actually dying to pull it off.


Two thirds of the exploits with Cast on Death involved minions. Getting super zombies by dying several times in non-hardcore leagues was not ideal, getting super minions without death was even more problematic.

Minions with Cast on Death is one of those things that would keep coming back to haunt us again and again.

We are considering a dedicated cast on minion death option.

in the short time i realized i could use cast on death minions, i took it to the next level by isolating burning miscreation corpses and flame sentinel corpses, and...

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I think the mechanics of the Cast on Death gem need to be fixed with minions.

People abused the bug mechanics with it, yes, but that was relating to Raising a Zombie / Specter and gaining the bonus of CoD..... without the minion being dead. That is the key factor.

The gem should only trigger after your minion has died. Not before.

My thoughts of using the gem uniquely is another form of zombie explosions, discharge.
With the combination of minion instability, your minions dying would be useful.
Raise Zombie -> Cast on Death -> Discharge

A simple three link, with powerful results.

I've just started a summoner build, and thought about using this combination, but sadly realize it's not longer possible.

I've been struggling with minions surviving on tough boss fights, such as Dominus or Piety, or even Kole. Otherwise I've not had many problems while leveling. (Level 53 currently)

I hope this can be fixed and used properly and creatively.
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