Season Six, Event 43: 1 Hour Endless Ledge

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You are also able to view your season and events history on your profile page, under the Seasons & Events section.

Standard rules for league events apply. Please click this link if this is your first race event.
A guide has been posted here which covers general aspects and strategies of racing.

Dead characters will still be able to receive reward points in Endless Ledge events.

Top Prizes:

The overall top player by experience will receive 3 Reward Points.

The top 20 players of each class by experience will receive:
  • #1 player of each class: 10 Reward Points
  • #2 player of each class: 6 Reward Points
  • #3 player of each class: 5 Reward Points
  • #4 player of each class: 4 Reward Points
  • #5 player of each class: 3 Reward Points
  • #6-10 player of each class: 2 Reward Points
  • #11-20 player of each class: 1 Reward Point

Prizes for reaching specific levels:
  • Level 25: 10 Reward Points
  • Level 21-24: 7 Reward Points
  • Level 18-20: 6 Reward Points
  • Level 15-17: 5 Reward Points
  • Level 12-14: 4 Reward Points
  • Level 9-11: 3 Reward Points
  • Level 6-8: 1 Reward Point

Random Prizes:
Each Reward Point you earn in this race counts as a ticket in a random draw for one of the following items:
  • Alternate Art Perandus Blazon Unique Item (40 available to be won)
  • Alternate Art Aurumvorax Item (30 available to be won)
  • Alternate Art Goldwyrm Unique Item (20 available to be won)
  • Alternate Art Amethyst Ring Item (10 available to be won)
Will be running this race as Marauder, nothing new there :)

You may follow me @
Teamspeak info if you would like to join and chat while you solo race:
In-Game Name: BLOOBERRY_
Mall/Shop: 800001 ---------- Magic-Find Build: 746000

Arcers, sparkers and gulls in the second zone..

I really can't get my head around the fact that Descent got removed and this piece of random ass RNG shit didn't.
Without desync this might actually be a fun race. With desync, resurrecting bone Rhoas make me just want to uninstall the game.
Died at position 3 after 25 minutes. Did damn well so far into the race. Lost abit of my focus though, which lead to my death
Dsync is really ruining this game.
And I doubt its only me who thinks it gets worse each day.

Was 9th overall, 1st ranger, amazing dsync to TWO halls in front of me, where i never had been before, and ofc, next to perpetus with his amazing bear trap and 40minions, could not even alt f4.
Gah, died to the Powerful Crits duo of Impalers plus Incinerators. Oh well, got to level 17 with 12 mins to go, a new personal best.

Just got into racing properly and I have to say these are a very refreshing change of pace to farming Piety. Good job on this format, GGG. ^^
died with like 3 minutes left but still got far enough ahead to win duelist, got the hrimnors in the lvl 18 zone
My ISP is satan


#1 Witch, woohoo.
"I accept Nujabes as my Savior."

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