AMD Price Hikes

This is getting pretty nuts. I got this card at the end of novermber for $309.99, and it's been price hiked THREE times now. Nearly a 50% price increase in total.

Just a note to anybody who is interested in these cards, i'd recommend holding off and either getting an nVidia card or a radeon 7000 series until the prices on the R9's go back down.

They used to be the best bang for buck with absolutely zero competition, and now they're really not all that anymore.
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What's up with the prices?
AMD having short supply?
Yeah, the card went out of stock immediately after i got mine, and i'm not sure if stock has even been brought back at all during these price hikes.

The 280x in particular is amazing for mining litecoins and bitcoins, while also being the best bang for buck card in the $300 price range i've ever seen. It trades blows with the GTX 770, and costed less, while also having Mantle support.
Fun fact: Card has been price hiked eleven times now, resulting in this price tag of $599.99. You can potentially get an R9 290 for only $10 more.

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Oh the consumer electronics market.

A few years back I bought myself an external HDD for a certain price. A month later tsunami hit eastern asia and all kinds of shit happened, including the HDD price spike. It held and held for long so I considered myself lucky and forgot about it.
Two months ago I decided I need another one, precisely like that one and god damn, the price is still a bit higher than what I paid a few years ago, big lol.

And there I was thinking that consumer electronics always go down in price no matter what, funny times.
Be ready. You're not paranoid, you're PREPARED.

I quit this game every few months and so should you to continue playing it in the future.

The device is believed to have been dropped
Fun fact, PC enthusiasts were buying these like candy for bitcoin mining. They ran out of stock extremely fast as people were buying up to 4 of them, and making that money back with the coins.

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