1.0.5 Patch Notes

Still if a "nerf" that adds a cool-down of 1/10 of a second effects your build that much you might need to make a few changes.
ST CoC gutted. ST either has all projectiles crit per cast or none. If you roll a ST crit, then each mob ST hits (plus when it comes back) is a roll on CoC. This resulted in multiple instant casts from CoC when you're hitting a large pack of mobs.

Great game, destroyed a spec that wasn't even broken.

That was also ONLY thing in this game that has got my gaming PC to close 0 fps.
I hope the CoC cooldown is long enough to enjoy pubs again.
Still no mention on IIR Gem with RF... wish we could atleast get a yes or no on if its ever going to work together.
Completed 16 ChallengesWARisHELL wrote:
Wait. Did freeze mine get buffed?

I'm not sure, maybe I'm reading it wrong, but I think yes.

EDIT : in fact no, because you'll kill adds with the mine now, so you can't perma freeze boss.
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Still if a "nerf" that adds a cool-down of 1/10 of a second effects your build that much you might need to make a few changes.

You do realize that 10miliseconds is 1/100 of a second not 1/10... 100ms is 0.1sec 10ms is 0.01sec
1/100 of second.

10ms = 0.01s

Still 100 times a second lol.
Completed 1 ChallengeQarl wrote:
Physical percentage based damage reduction and Immortal Call now correctly mitigate damage from physical degeneration damage.

To clarify, this means Endurance Charges and Immortal Call work against Corrupting Blood now, right?


Awesome change. And since (I assume) Corrupting Blood still doesn't affect Cast When Damage Taken, the Immortal Call effect on Corrupting Blood doesn't really change much in that aspect. It's awesome for those that use Immortal Call a bunch.
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I think for certain attacks the coc nerf is still significant. I cant log on to test until later but on an attack like lightning arrow or split shot where multiple mobs are hit at once, it used to cast the spell towards each of them. Now I assume it will be once.

Pretty much forces people into barrage.
Patch 1.0.4 Balance ''Modified the Torture Chamber boss room with several changes. The exit is disabled during the boss fight.

Patch 1.0.5 Bug Fixes ''Fixed an issue where you were unable to leave the Torture Chamber's boss room.''

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