Inception by me.
Completed 14 ChallengesLoreweaver wrote:
Still, I'd like to know the process you used to reach that particular idea. Where'd it come from? How'd you get there?

Once upon a time, a very long time ago, in a land called Closed Beta, there was a legendary thread that ruled the world. There were others like it too, and all talked of a mythical dreaded undead pirate called Jabberjaws. Some say he was a relative of Fairgraves who became estranged due to a fishing dispute, while others thought that they were merely close friends who had fallen out over a girl. In any version of the story you hear, Fairgraves ended up killing Jabberjaws by stabbing him through the head with a fishing rod. The spirit of Jabberjaws was supposedly roaming the land, looking for clues to Fairgraves' whereabouts so he could exact his revenge, and he also needed someone to pull the rod from his head. That's how wearing a tricorne used to end up with getting a rod.

At some point earlyish in closed beta rods were removed from the game (before I came I think), and so too was Jabberjaws, but his spirit lives on.

When it was discovered that rods had been readded, I figured (obviously) that there would be some kind of homage/connection to the great Jabberjaws.

Exactly how I arrived at the specific conclusion I did is something that will have to wait for another day as it's after 1am and I have work in the morning, but that's a basic outline of how I realized Jabberjaws was involved.

*** Disclaimer: I'd like to also point out that whether or not there actually were fishing rods at any point during closed beta is completely and utterly irrelevant to what I just wrote. The point is that the stories existed (mainly on global) and there were people who believed enough of them to go spend days and days hunting up and down the coast looking for a mythical boss that may or may not have existed so they could get a rod that may or may not have existed. The fact that the stories existed at all was enough to see the connection when it was confirmed that rods reexisted***
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Now that is a hell of a story. Also, if everyone thinks the fishing rods are useless let me know and I will buy them on standard for an exalt each.
Completed 22 ChallengesNewsomlol wrote:
Now that is a hell of a story. Also, if everyone thinks the fishing rods are useless let me know and I will buy them on standard for an exalt each.

Only way I'd notice if a fishing pole dropped for me is if it were a unique... I probably left a few on the ground but meh.
Completed 5 Challengeslolozori wrote:
andkamen wrote:
Ill buy a rod for 1ex any day of the week and twice on sunday ...too bad its on standard :(

I know , I was tempted too but I had no currency at the time those guys where on the notice board XD, mine is too low level and I don t think I can chance it to get the unique (the only rod people are actually buying).

Too low lvl to chance??? Every person ( especially the one who know how to get rods) that "chancing/scouring" in PoE know that iLVL doesnt matter to get Unique............

" You... managed to catch the fish i wanted? Congratulations! Let´s keep this a secret between the two of us, shall we? In the meantime, take this. It should be useful in the future." - Krillson, the 8th Master.
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