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in act 3 in the lunaris temple (i think so is it called) there is a big statue completly naked, you can see hes pennis... and when i started act 3 there was some mobs/chouls that shows you the middle finger... there are some other wierd mobs, but these 2 are wrong, especialy the naked statue. this is clearly unpropirate, are you not getting some law issiues with that? pls do us a favor and buy some underweare for the statues and handgloves for the chouls. and pls dont write stupid comments like "bla bla bla play the damn game" "who cares" thx
this is clearly unpropirate, are you not getting some law issiues with that?

1. It is perfectly appropriate. You have two girls in bondage on the screen at all time. Sexual themes are relevant to a game this gritty, as sex is very commonly a motivator for the actions of individuals. Especially individuals with power.

Also, have you never seen greek statues? Solaris and Lunaris temples both seem at least partially inspired by greek architecture.

2. There is nothing illegal about it.

3. This game is designed for adults, and therefore is not afraid of containing adult content. There are piles of naked dead bodies in Lunaris, but the reason for them being there is story related, not becuse "LOL NAKED DED GAIZ".
In addition to the life/mana bulb women, there's also a topless woman on the introductory splash page(if you go to the front page without being logged in). Unless a penis is more offensive than breasts, but that's a whole other discussion.

Some small content warning might be appropriate, but seeing as it's never sold in a box on shelves I'm not sure where you'd put it or if it'd ever do any good. A decent cover-your-ass option, though, maybe.
i have seen a huha too :D

but I also think a content warning is nessacary.
Whats the... aww can't find the word, how old are you supposed to be to play this game?
So you are making a big deal out of a little bit of polygon nudity, but don't seem to have a problem with the excessive violence and gore? Give me a fucking break and grow up.

And use a spellchecker for all that is good in this world. Somehow you made computer type look like fucking chicken scratch.

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The official rating in New Zealand is R16.
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So you are making a big deal out of a little bit of polygon nudity, but don't seem to have a problem with the excessive violence and gore?
If I could give any kind of like/approval/thumbsup for this post, I'd do so. Because seriously, there shouldn't be a problem like this with games of this rating. So many games with tons of violence everywhere and no one (who isn't trying to blame games for something) generally gives a damn about it. But you have nudity anywhere and suddenly everyone is going OMG WHAT ARE YOU DOING THATS NOT POLITE. People are confusing.
Pants? Bah. Who needs pants when you're exiled. Theres magic and other more important things to pay attention to.
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The female form, and the human body in general, has been the inspiration for artists the world over since as far as human history goes. It is one of the great mysteries of life and as yet an unsurpassed feat of engineering.

Ancient Greek Sculpture (Wikipedia)

PS: And as for monsters showing you the middle finger it's called "misinterpretation". I'd be surprised GGG actually animated a monster showing the middle finger, that'd be so stupid. Not even insulting, just stupid. Why would these creatures know about a *sign* which is only known in the context of Western culture, and would otherwise be utterly meaningless to the denizens of Wraeclast?
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I happen to find nudity beautiful and the fact that it's often considered inappropriate or even perverse by Western media (North American in particular) makes me so mad. It's perfectly valid to use nudity in art and it makes a lot of sense and makes the art richer. So please OP take your sexually repressed attitude to nudity and let GGG make the very best game they can without artifical and stupid limitations on what they can and can't depict.
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I don't believe we have any enemys that try to do any offensive signs.

Wouldn't make much sense. Especially monsters doing human hand gestures : P
I like all the fluffy animals[img][\img]
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