Nydaolith - Frozen Witch Necromancer

Nydaolith is my second build. Let me know what you think.

The basic idea behind this build is to focus on producing an overwhelming amount of minions while making them much more potent. Secondarily, you will be a powerful ice spell user who is able to put out significant AoE and directional damage and control the battlefield by freezing your enemies while your minions do the dirty work.

Nydaolith depends on a strong Energy Shield and high mana pool and regeneration. She relies more on Cold damage early in her career and continues to slowly build up a devastating army of well trained minions as time progresses. The Ghost Reaver keystone should be a priority on acquiring during middle tier levels to make Life Leech worthwhile and help with survival. Necromantic Aegis can provide a huge boost to your minions in addition to the Passive and other equipment boosts available, granted you can obtain a powerful shield. Minion Instability can be used for a steady stream of damage if played right, while Chaos Inoculation should be one of the latest keystones acquired and solidifies your reliance on your Energy Shield. Nydaolith's attacks focus on unleashing widespread ice damage and controlling the battlefield with Freezing and Chilling. Nydaolith will breeze through her enemies while solo as well as contribute highly to group efforts.

With the combination of both Passive Skills and Gear, Nydaolith's undead army can grow to vast numbers. It is possible to have 14 Skeletons, 11 Zombies, and 4 Spectres on the battlefield at once with this build by incorporating a couple unique gear items.

Nydaolith's weaknesses are in the challenges of resists. She is more dependent on Resist Gear later in her career and when dealing with Ice damage, some enemies are highly resistant. The Frostbite curse, Cold Penetration, and Elemental Weakness gems can all help with this issue and can be swapped upon need.

Skill Tree Progression:
Passive Skill Tree (50 points)
Passive Skill Tree (90 points)
Passive Skill Tree (120 points)


+350 Intelligence

Necromantic Aegis
Chaos Inoculation
Minion Instability
Ghost Reaver

5% increased maximum life
1% Life Regeneration per Second
Minions have 90% increased maximum life

52% increased maximum mana
+40 to maximum mana
140% increased Mana Regeneration rate

Elemental Damage:
20% increased Elemental Damage with Spells

Spell Damage:
56% increased Spell Damage
3% increased Spell Damage with Power Charge

Cold Damage:
66% Increased Cold Damage

15% to Lightning Resistance
15% to Cold Resistance
6% to All Elemental Resistances
15% to Fire Resistance

Energy Shield:
129% increased Maximum Energy Shield
35% increased Energy Shield Cooldown Recovery
12% more Maximum Energy Shield

Critical Strike:
55% increased Critical Strike Chance for Spells

+1 Power Charge

+5 to Maximum number of Zombies
+1 to the Maximum number of Spectres
+6 to Maximum number of Skeletons
Minions deal 135% increased Damage
Enemies become Chilled as they Unfreeze
15% increased Chill Duration on enemies
30% increased Freeze Duration on enemies
12% increased Area Damage
32% increased Radius of Area Skills


Active Skill Gems:
♣INT - Cold Snap (AoE + freeze)
۞INT - Freezing Pulse (Directional damage + freeze)
☼INT - Ice Nova (PBAoE damage + freeze)

Curse Gems:
╬INT - Frostbite (AoE lower cold resist, freeze chance)

Minion Gems:
░INT- Raise Spectre
░INT - Raise Zombie
۩INT - Summon Skeletons

Support Gems:
╬DEX - Hatred (Increases Cold Damage)
♣SUP - Added Cold Damage
☼SUP – Added Cold Damage
☼SUP - Culling Strike
♣SUP - Elemental Proliferation
۞SUP – Faster Projectiles
۞SUP - Greater Multiple Projectiles
۞SUP - Life Leech
☼SUP – Life Leech
╬SUP - Increased Area of Effect
╬SUP - Increased Duration
۩SUP – Spell Totem

Minion Support Gems:
░SUP - Minion Damage
۩SUP - Minion Speed
░SUP – Minion Speed
░SUP - Minion Life
░SUP – Minion and Totem Elemental Resist


Slot Configuration:

۩3L Wand – Summon Skeletons + Spell Totem + Minion Speed
♣3L Wand – Cold Snap + Elemental Proliferation + Added Cold Damage

You can swap this weapon as primary or secondary depending on your situation. The Spell Totem will continuously cast Summon Skeletons that are much faster. Using the Totem saves you from having to manage re-summoning the Skeletons and allows you to focus more on damage. You can swap for the alternate Cold Snap if you feel the need. Another alternative would be to place Summon Skeletons in your body armor slot by replacing the Minion and Totem Elemental Resistance gem and to use Cold Snap indefinitely.

۞ 3L Shield – Freezing Pulse + Faster Projectiles OR Greater Multiple Projectiles + Life Leech

Freezing Pulse is your primary directional damage spell. Combined with Faster Projectiles and Greater Multiple Projectiles, it becomes much more deadly. Adding in Life Leech once the Ghost Reaver keystone is acquired will help survivability. Cold Penetration and Elemental Proliferation could also be a useful swaps depending on the situation.

☼4L Gloves – Ice Nova + Added Cold Damage + Culling Strike + Life Leech

Ice Nova is extremely powerful and is fairly mana efficient. Spamming this when attached to Culling Strike and Life Leech (assuming you have the Ghost Reaver keystone) when surrounded by Frostbitten enemies helps survivability and freezes the mobs so your minions can beat on them easier. Cold Penetration and Elemental Proliferation could also be a useful swaps depending on the situation.

╬4L Boots – Frostbite + Hatred + Increased Area of Effect + Increased Duration

The Frostbite curse is essential in not only allowing your Cold Damage to penetrate the mobs, but also increasing the Freeze chance and Chill Duration. Hatred will help increase your cold damage even further. Both augmented by Increased Area of Effect and Increased Duration.

░6L Robe – Raise Spectre + Raise Zombie + Minion and Totem Elemental Resistance + Minion Damage + Minion Life + Minion Speed

These are your main minion slots, depending on where you have your skeletons being summoned from. Both Zombies and Spectre's are augmented by all available Minion support gems. If you choose to go the single weapon route, then you could replace Minion and Totem Elemental Resistance with Summon Skeletons.


Equipment Notes:
For early to mid-game equipment, you want to focus on mostly Energy Shield, Cold Damage, Max Mana, Mana Regen, and Spell damage. Any “+1 to minion gems” or “+1 to Cold Gems” items are a plus during this phase. As you increase levels and difficulties, obviously things like resists come more into play. If you can afford some unique items, these are my recommendations:

Unique Boots:
At level 22, you could acquire Bones of Ullr, which provide a another Spectre and Zombie and significant Energy Shield until you outgrow them.

Unique Weapons:
Starting at level 40, Midnight Bargain gives a huge boost to minion output, though it will only last until you acquire Chaos Innoculation.

Unique Amulets:
You could also try to acquire the Sidhebreath which gives a slight boost to minion output as well as mana leech and regeneration.

Unique Rings:
Even though you are focused on Energy Shield, the Berek's Grip rings play well with this build by not only increasing your Cold Damage and adding in extra Lightning Damage, while allowing 5% life leech on frozen mobs and mana leech on shock mobs.

Unique Helmets:
The Rime Gaze should be on your end-game radar as well. The reduced Energy Shield recovery kind of sucks, but the benefits far outweigh the detriments and the shield recovery is made up for at this point on the Skill Tree.

Unique Shields:
Shields can get interesting with the acquisition of the Necromantic Aegis keystone. The Matua Tupuna, while a really neat item, would be a better fit before acquiring Necromantic Aegis. The challenge is having enough Strength attribute to use one that will benefit your minions properly. Depending on when you choose to acquire the keystone would determine the level of item that would work. Some that would work well are Crest of Perandus, Titucus Span, Chernobog's Pillar, and lastly Lioneye's Remorse.


Try to acquire an “Instant Recovery” attribute Life Flask and Mana Flask. Typically the only time you will need them is in an emergency situation only or if you get mana-leeched. The Diamond Flask can help during critical battles and the Jade Flask will help survivability in emergency situations.

Active Flasks: Life Flask + Mana Flask + Diamond Flask + Jade Flask | Backup Inventory: Ruby, Topaz, Sapphire, Amethyst
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4l in a shield?
Asakku wrote:
4l in a shield?

Oops, fixed thanks. Didn't catch that.
Definaly HC proof
I think this is a problematic build:
You want to take CI very late (i assume lvl 80+). How do you intend on surviving chaos damage with no life nodes until then? You should at least take some life nodes that you can spec out of once you take CI.
Without crit passives only cold snap can freeze enemies. Freezing pulse will end with 9% crit chance on your build, ice nova with 7.5%. You won't freeze stuff with that low crit chance. That makes Breath of Rime pretty obsolete (it is a very bad circle to take to begin with).
Why take radius skills? If you plan with FP as main spell that makes little sense. Or do you plan on using ice nova as main attack? I wouldn't recommend that, as standing in the middle of a mob, drawing aggro doesn't help survivability. The lack of crit and thereby the inability to freeze mobs with the nova doesn't help either.
If you intend on investing in crit to freeze the mobs, it would hurt your ability to raise zombies or spectres. Shattered bodies can't be raised. Cold spells and summoning don't go well together.
You have to take +30DEX nodes, otherwise you won't be able to level LMP/GMP and faster projectiles for FP or culling strike.

Putting the zombies in your chest with the spectres instead of in a +2minions helmet with a decent melee gem is crippling their damage. I know you want Rime Gaze, but the 10% damage ain't that big a deal. Cold snap would profit from the conc.effect, but the elemental proliferation would suffer. Better use trap - cold snap - ele.prol. for extra damage in another gear and use a minions helmet. That way you could have a 5L for spectres and use a life leech gem there instead so you don't need to resummon them on a regular basis.
Good points, all taken in to consideration. Thanks for the feedback. I am depending on Frostbite mainly to help with Freezing. I'm not really set on Rime Gaze, and I see your point. I'm using an Astramentis now to help with Dex stats, but Ice Nova, at least right now has worked pretty well. You are right, you can't raise dead frozen mobs, but it rarely seems to be a problem. I'll see how it works in Merciless. ES works pretty well for everything except Chaos, but I may spec into life like you said and then just respec later.

I definitely agree with moving the zombies. Right now I have them in a helmet with Life Leech, added fire damage, and minion damage. Working pretty well. I'm going to use the chest for experimenting with Spectres.

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