Season Five, Event 134: 12 Minute Turbo Solo Burst 1


Terminal desync at the first pack i encounter in terraces, die, /oos moves me half a screen back and behind a rock i was never even close to.

You guys ever going to get round to hiring a competent netcoder?
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Some of these races seem just thrown together, I don't understand the rewards like this is the same lvl req as the regular burst for points but will be WAY harder, the "signature race" 2hr solo is twice as long rewards half the points.

I'm not a hard core racer or anything but I think the challenge of the race/time invested should equal the reward!

Problem is, in most cases race modifiers are easily worked around by using a different build or grabbing a few different items; immolation, for example, already gets a lot easier if you equip one or two ruby rings.

Turbo races limit you in your ability to escape, keep distance or group monsters up, so anything that focuses on killing the enemy before they can do anything of value (Think burst mages, crit archers, powerful melee hits) has a great advantage.

Since it's fairly easy to adapt to these modifiers, it's a bit odd to increase the rewards you get for them, don't you think?

How does one "adapt" to 12 minute turbo, or 1 hour BLAMT. These aren't easily adaptable, if you get a ruby ring in immolation 1 hr congrats, it's easier but is it easier than 1 hour solo?

e:the real problem is rng wins races, items, map layout, blue packs. I'd like to see races where everyone gets the same layout/packs if possible. Fixed is the closest thing really to this

e2:not saying every race should be like that maybe the signature only, it would be boring if every race was the same.
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