Season Five, Event 132: 1 Hour Descent Champions

Worst RNG ever.

3 first maps gave me 0 items, that bad RNG luck. To be even better, never got my hands into an OK weapon ... Tried some chaos to see if I could get some better stuff but ended with worse gear and later just suicided while trying Viper Strike at The Brute since this wasn't going far and wanted to see how good it could be since it was one-shotting some mobs before him.

Luck was not with me today.
I finally reached 220p threshold and got le heup of all ring - that and the divination distillate flask was the reason why i've joined races, loot in Domination was so shitty that i wanted to get at least two useful uniques.
Got the ring just now.
GG, i'm done with this "game". I guess you have to donate several hundred (thousend) $ before you get something back. You couldn't even get prizes for races without this fucking RNG, could you? 50+ hours + countless burned nerve cells (due to desyncs).
I regret every minute i've spend in this shit lag fest. Even D3 wasn't so rigged and that says something.

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