Physical Bow Shadow

Hey everyone !

After doing the one-week race and streaming the whole ordeal, a lot of my viewers wanted me to tell them about the build I used. So I decided to make this short video to tell you all about it. Instead of making a wall of text for you all to read, I hope this is better !


This build does not require any sick/high-end gear, except maybe a decent amount of resists and energy shield. Also the life leech I talk about is not really that necessary before you do insane damage at higher levels.


Split Arrow
Faster Attacks
Life Leech
Chaos Dmg/Pierce
Added Fire Dmg

Added Fire
Faster Attacks
Increased Critical Dmg / Increased Crit Chance
Faster Projectiles

Decoy / Spell + Skellies
Faster Casting
Warlords mark

Reduced Mana

If you have any questions, feel free to ask, and I will try and answer all of them !

I've been playing Path of Exile for roughly three months now, and I streamed all of it each day !
If you like what you see here, I would like to invite you to my stream !
I stream from 12:00 EST // 18:00 GMT+1 until I have to sleep :D


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Awesome really interested in physical bow shadow, but no passive tree link makes me sad panda?
Awesome really interested in physical bow shadow, but no passive tree link makes me sad panda?

Thanks, totally forgot about that !
Looks very interesting! Could you elaborate on the changes you would make in open beta?
Watched the video, cool build.

Unfortunately i was planning a BM, high life, mixed Armour/evasion type of thing so that's a completely different build. Still got some ideas so thanks for showing us.
Completed 10 ChallengesOlanis wrote:
Looks very interesting! Could you elaborate on the changes you would make in open beta?

Well we are not getting any nerfs except the CI nerf. So the biggest problem is blood rage. We will have to drop blood rage completely, and get some more life leech elsewhere.
But luckily we get a buff to our life leech support gem, it is increased by 2-3 % I think.
And with some decent gear with life leech, it is actually not needed.

And if you use frenzy as your single target skill, you should still be able to keep your frenzy charges up, and maintain the same amount of attack speed you normally would receive from blood rage.

There is supposedly some changes coming to the diamond flask, and I have no source or info on that. But if that would be the case, we would have to think about getting way more critical chance, and sacrificing some critical multiplier I guess.

And that's pretty much it.

Degeneration effects from maps are gonna be a paint in the ***, but not too big of a deal on higher levels.

Hope I did not miss anything :D
Realy good.

Lets make this game awesome.
Lets Turn Path of Exile, the Greatest!
New to the game here but I really like your physical bow approach. I was wondering if its possible to alter it to a physical bow with minion support without gimping it too much.

I realize it would lose a lot of its dmg but I'm looking for more of a dot based kitting build where minions would serve more as meat shields rather than dmg dealers. I would probably use poison arrow and puncture for attacks, not sure if they synergies properly yet. Fire trap and frenzy are also options.

Haven't come up with a build to link yet but any tips would be great!
Really like what you've done with this build, and I'm making a shadow based off of it.

My issue, and it's massive, is mana regen can't keep up. I'm always out of mana. Only level 30 at the moment so still no vaal pact / etc for a while.

Split arrow or frenzy alone only has a few casts before I'm out and I don't see how my mana regen can be so much worse than yours?

Then nevermind casting warlord's mark or any of the other abilities.

Also warlord's mark and life leech and some other things require rather high strength, are you getting this from gear? You don't seem to have much put into strength, if I spend one point I can grab the +30 strength which might be worth it?
Anyone else wanna add some experiences with this build 40+ in open beta? It looks interesting.

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