Maurader Aura Build

I was very disheartened to see an aura build already posted as I spent over an hour crunching the numbers b/c I found this interesting lol, however mine is a good bit different I believe.

I'll start by posting the build:

Notice that I took Blood Magic with Mortal Conviction which reduces mana(health) reserved by 86%!

I can run 6 aura's (which I'll detail later) reserving 44.8% of my max HP. The numbers I am posting are taken from a level 15 gem, and each is boosted by 78% which is my increased aura effectiveness.

Determination: 81.9% Bonus Armor
Grace: 2973 Evasion Rating
Purity of Elements: 43% Resist all
Discipline: 436 Bonus Energy shield
Haste: 14% Movement Speed, 25% Attack and Cast Speed
Vitality: 2.5% Health Regen per second

That's a total of 6.6% life regen per second just from passives (and I still have a fair amount of skill points to distribute) Since my health is in reserve is that 6.6% of my total health or my reserved health? If total that would be 12% regen per second, that's amazing!

I realize that this build doesn't have much in the way of the offensive abilities, but this build would be extremely helpful to a group, very low cost (wouldn't even need supporting gems) and you could just stack armor/ES/life on gear.

Remaining passive points would be dropped into life/armor/resist/regen as able.

Would love to hear some feedback if this would be a welcome addition to a group or just a dumb build I thought up =P thanks in advance!

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