Supporter Pack Results and 1.0.2b Patch Notes

I'm out of the office at the moment but Carl reports that we're looking good for 1.0.2b deployment today. If the QA departments runs into any last-minute difficult issues then it'll probably be moved to tomorrow.

There's also discussion of 1.0.2c patch later this week to fix further problems, before the big 1.0.3 deployment next week. I'm really keen to see what you guys think of Barrage - it's really making me want to start a new Ranger.
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Give us something more for the Ranger! Please, Chris!
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no problem <3

i love GGG
4849 when i get paid this coming week :D
that's a lot of packs!
nice work on the packs!
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Need more of those Packs!!! C´mon!!!

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