The Fighter Mage [prototype]






1 point left for necromantic aegies/no aegis



eldritch battery

life+life regen, combo with zombies or pure zombies.

[TACTICS 1-50]

Double strike/leap slam or other secondary +enfeeble curse and enduring cry for bosses

hatred+vitality aura

standard leveling gear

more coming soon...

[TACTICS 50-70]

Slowly switching to minions in lunaris temple

vitality/clarity aura

4 link boots and helm with the following:


spectres/minion life/minion damage+ optional


zombies/minion resist/MD/ML

3 link weapon or shield with skeletons/spell totem/blood magic and the other three empty sockets with blood magic and two curses of your liking. 1 curse is minimum must have with blood magic (no battery yet!)

5 link armor (4 link is ok) with: double strike/melee splash/multistrike/faster attacks/melee physical damage

strive to obtain around 5% life steal

recommended curses: vulnerability/enfeeble/elemental weakness/temporal chains/flammability

strategy: resurrect specrets and zombies in lunaris two, procees to clear until piety entrance where upon switching from vitality/clarity aura to hatred (or wrath)/clarity. Minons will die at piety unless lucky with her movement pattern and portal spawns. Finish her with double strike, rinse and repeat.

Minimum stat requirements:

life 4k+
resistance 65+
chaos -
armor -
evasion -
life regen 200+
mana regen 30+
attack rating 75%+




consider necromantic aegis although its useful to be able to clear maps with melee skills in case of primary spectre death. Ideal stats required.

More coming soon on fighter mage mapping strategies [untested]!

update 1 2/12 2013:

Initially upon entering cemetery the burning miscreations died quickly while tanking monsters so I changed the strategy to be more like the one use din Lunaris which relies on fast clear speed by simply running past monsters, killing them in the process. This turned out well and besides keeping minions alive there is the added benefit of increased map clear speeds, a couple of notes on this tactic:

*Necromantic aegis is not possible while running like a maniac in maps, you'll want maximum player tanking ability.

*Make your raids in increments and remember to pause in an empty corner of the map from time to time to replenish minion life, vitality aura+purity are the main auras, clarity if you have enough mana.

*Its recommended to have a cleared map of lunaris up while entering end game maps as you'll likely need to resurrect miscreations at one point or another which takes a min or two, but considering the fact that a map is cleared in 3-5 min its still a net gain compared to all other builds.

This is the most powerful build in the game at the moment, and i expect some kind of nerf to happen soon.

update 2:

switched skelli totem for leap slam and mf for more defense as it seems not to be working with miscreation burn dmg anyway. Leap slam did much to improve clear speeds in lunaris but requires much defensive gear and there is always the risk of desynch, use enduring cry if needed, always carry grantie flasks and pots with +armor. Using vul/enf curses.

Last edited by Cro_Magnon on Dec 2, 2013 10:28:26 AM
updated end game mapping tactics 2/12 2013.

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