Wand/Minion HC build

Hey all,
I'm no pro at this game but I saw a great build of the week on the PoE Youtube channel and thought I would have a go at thinking through the same build idea myself. So here is my attempt at it: Wand/Minion Marauder HC build

I understand that this is 111/111, so I pulled up a 67/111 as well: Wand/Minion Marauder HC build 67/111

I am not sure if these are acceptable intervals to be posting skill builds, so please give me some feedback and I will draft up the appropriate intervals.

The idea of this build is to be using wand/board to provide ranged attacks and good defense in sticky situations. Primary wand attacks: 1. Frenzy 2. Powersiphon. You can build up all charge types very fast and has the extra bonus of the Conduit keystone if you enjoy playing with others (optional of course).

Projectile weakness and Raise Zombie are the other primarily relied on skills (with minion life linked to boost effectiveness of Minion Instability keystone). Conversion Trap can also be used to buy some time in more intense situations.

This build utilizes the Blood Magic keystone with many life and life regen nodes to fuel skills and to give excellent survivability. Wrath, Grace and Anger are the three Auras that are used as they only reserve a fixed amount of life.

Please give me any and all pieces of constructive feedback as this is my first go at drafting up a build (of course with reference to Build of the Week #8 found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CqwdiOdYfkI)

I like the idea and did my own version , i took the Wand passives Kripp uses too, also i went for Iron Reflexes , so i can use Evasion / Elemental Gear.

Late Game Version with Wand passives


69 Points Version

I think up to this point you can easily play with Groundslam / Lightning Strike also if you dont fancy the idea if Wands anymore Point Blank is right around the Corner.


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