Arc Trapper

Might make an arc trapper build in 1.0.2 if people think it'll work.

Passive Tree

196% Increased Life
35% Increased effects of buffs you cast
25% Reduced Reserved
20% Chance to Shock
30% Lightning Damage
20% Elemental damage with spells
36% Spell Power
(86% to Lightning Spells Total)
100% Trap Damage

Main Skill
-Lightning Pen
-6L-Culling Strike

Aura 4L
-Reduced Mana
-Purity of the Elements

Defensive 4L
-Cast when Damage Taken
-Enduring Cry
-Molten Shell
-Life Leech

Single Target 4L
-Storm Call
-Faster Casting
-Conc Effect
-Lightning Pen

-Lightning Warp
-Faster Casting

-Reduced Mana
-Blood Magic

---The Play Style would be to throw down traps at packs and cast Stormcall for single target...while trapping before they go off for shock stacks.
Any Thoughts?

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