Non stop disconecting

From today ( ive played before 3-4 days and i had no problems) when i enterthe game after 1 min maximum ive got disconect. And this is from all day. The most wierd thing is when game disconct me and i hit enter to log in and try again the loging tells me that : " your loging from new location , please type password again" , then i log in and all of that repeats.
So is there any game problem and what shuld i do ? coz im absolutly sure my IP address cant be changed every single minute for all day.
Expecting some fix , i ll wait for an answer and check again tomorow.
You should go to and write down the address. Then when you get disconnected and it gives you the "location changed" error, go back to the site and compare.

If they're the same, then someone else is attempting to access your account. If it's different, that means you're being disconnected a lot from your ISP and getting a new IP address each time.

Let us know what the results are.

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