Lost some race points

kinda weird, i just lost 6 points if i browse to current season screen, plz helpz!
yo dawg wazzzzzaaaaa
The same happened with me today. Yesterday I was 88 points and tuday I have only 84 points.
ya i was at 105, then suddenly before the descent champions at 3 in the night i only was at 99 anymore :/ bump bump want my poiiints :)
yo dawg wazzzzzaaaaa
you maybe got 4points in the 3hour fixed party race and deleted your char later on? because it seems like that's where my points were lost, can't find myself in the ranking on this site if i check out that event thread anymore, but on http://poestatistics.com/events/3-hour-fixed-party-s05c032/

hope they might refund the points :/
yo dawg wazzzzzaaaaa
Maybe you are right.

I think I have a char that didn't get to the void league yesterday, or a day before yesterday.

I think I earned 4 points in this race, (I don't remember my char's name) and my character didn't get to the void league, but I received the points, I saw them on the webpage, so I deceided to delete the character (maybe it was a mistake). After that I earned 1 point in the turbo race, and 8 points in a descent champion. And than the 4 points are gone...
Don't delete characters from races before they have been moved AND points have been awarded.

If you delete the character before those things happen, then the points may not be awarded, and it's much more difficult to track down the points and characters.
well points had been awarded if the character was definitely moved i dont really know but usually i only delete them if they have been, but since the points were all there i didn't really think anything could go wrong ;/
yo dawg wazzzzzaaaaa
Yes we know that but rarely the char need like one day to move to the void league. And we already had the pionts, so we deleted it... bad luck, but interesting bug :)
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Happend to me aswell, which allowed me to claim the 80 Points Reward twice.

IGN: DatInternet
any chance for an answer? ;/
yo dawg wazzzzzaaaaa

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