More Europe Races, 1.0.1c Patch Notes, Upcoming Descent: Champions Article and a French Fansite

In response to feedback, we're updating Race Season Five with thirteen more races at European prime evening time. This change will be made within a few hours and will appear on the race schedule when done. We're also deploying 1.0.1c (patch notes here) tomorrow.

Initially we posted that 1.0.1c was going to be deployed tonight, but we've found an issue that need fixing. It'll be deployed tomorrow.

Tomorrow we'll be posting an article about Descent: Champions that covers its design and features.

The awesome people who run the French PoE fansite have asked for their site to be mentioned in the news. They mention they have ten people working on translating the news, game guides and builds to French. They also have French PoE streams. If you're interested, check them out!
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first? Nice patch and sweeet french site!
Excellent news.

WTB more evening races for NZ.
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Awesome, thanks for listening to our EU concerns <3

Excited to play some races at more reasonable times ;).
cool french site will check it out~
rly nice. well playid ggg.
South American server plis
Cannot connect to French site -_-

edit: the "check them out" link works, the first doesn't.
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Though I don't live in Europe, I'm really happy GGG made this change for European players. Great and swift change.
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