2 week for linking steam account

I thought they were still playing, they just aren't on their main account. Makes it hard to feel sorry for them when they're only so bored playing a new character because they miss their currency and qgems....
because they miss their currency and qgems....

Haha the pain of starting all over is a bit harsh but to live with... but you must remember that you also lose all your Micro transactions. I really thought about just starting all over (I lost my chars. yesterday) but my wonderful chest with lots of room is also gone ;)
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i not want to be a " bored guys " just when you play with 500 ms on steam and 50 ms PoE launcher make me made i not crying about Qgem or money coz i make new spec etc etc i'm sad to wait so long for get back the HL stuff and lost some time to try to get a Ranked slot

so don't be broken that just crazy to see a m8 linking 2hours before me get they char 1 week before -_-'

at last i'm just looking for me skin rime gaze PoE is F2P but i can't buy something if i not get my main stuff blablabla

ps : sorry again for my bad language

ps 2 : i got more Qgem and money on reroll ATM so don't think i'm crying like a 12years old but on diablolike game time lost = ranke lost. i apologize if i make some ppl bored

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