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Fan art competition results!

Thank you all so much for the amazing set of entries to the fan art competition. We've decided to increase the prizes so that three people will receive physical swag and microtransaction credit. Eleven more honourable mentions will receive microtransaction credit. All of these 14 selected people will receive five beta keys to give to their friends.

First place: (A physical swag pack of poster, soundtrack, game DVD, t-shirt and 500 microtransaction points, worth $50)
Sleepymiki: Graphically striking as well as emotionally touching, Sleepymiki's stylised witch and necromancer wins first place!

Runner-ups: (A physical swag pack of poster, soundtrack, game DVD and 200 microtransaction points, worth $20)
enixtm: We loved enixtm's beautifully rendered and dynamically posed witch painting.

ptt_frmr: ptt_frmr contrasted Huge Brutus with a small yet fearless witch.

Honourable Mentions: (200 microtransaction points, worth $20)

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Defunct account. The Kiwisignal no longer means anything. I only use this account to update the Avatar Gallery.

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argh forgot to submit mine
congratulations for the participants - HOW DID I MISS THAT ONE? i love the alternate sex depictions here, awesome.

Congrats, i know this was a hard judge to do there were so many great ones.

@Pam - you totally would have won if you would have submitted that. :P
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>Sleepymiki: Graphically striking as well as emotionally touching, Sleepymiki's stylised witch and necromancer wins first place!

Where's the necromancer?
#81 Aug-19-2012HCLadderRushSolo.
#13 Aug-26-2012HCLadderRushSolo.
Love enixtm's witch, different level than the rest.
Code. Frag. | |
Wow so disappointed my entry didnt even get an honourable mention?! 0_0

I thought it was good enough for at least a top 3...

Grats to the winners.
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Wow, wouldn't have liked to decide the winner...

Several would be place 1 on my ranking!
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one hell of a sculpture JAZZO...i'd buy it! 1st place in my book
Agree with Judges but almost all the entries were very good indeed. Congrats.

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