Pahapoju 76 DW Duelist non-crit [video]

My DW Duelist focus Max Resistances, Max HP, Life Leech, Swords

Video Closed beta

My Passive tree Updated

Key passives:
Iron Reflexes, I personally like armor because i dont take massive damage burst and it helps me to survive.

Unwavering Stance, not sure is it worth anymore

Blood Magic, no mana <3

Resolute Technique, this key passive is up to you but, my build was lacking accuracy if
I remember righ hit change was 70%. This passive increased my dps 10-15%, now i can have 3 armor flask and we dont have diamond flasks anymore

Hp regen, is to negate blood rages chaos damage you need some chaos resist in merciless.

Bandit quest
Normal life
Cruel physical damage
Merciless endurance charge

My skills

Cleave with Faster attack, Meele physical damage and Added Fire Damage with 5l gonna add concentrated effect
Dual Strike, Faster attack, Meele physical damage and Added Fire Damage
Flicker Strike, Faster attack, Meele physical damage, Added Fire Damage
Enduring cry to help maintain endurance charges
Warlock Mark
Blood Rage cant use atm so low chaos resist
Leap slam to move forward


Anger, Grace maybe Wrath with reduced mana


Resistances 80% 80% 80% -30 chaos :|
Armor 5600 with grace
Damage reduction 63% with endurance charges
Max HP 3500
Life regen 155 per/s

Cleave DPS without frenzy charges: 5400
Dual Strike DPS: 6100 3l only atm

My Current gear

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Not bad. It's a non-crit variant of most of the duelist builds running around. RT is a difference to most people too, As people tend to abuse Diamond flasks to get 10k+, even 20k+ DPS on crits.

I'd be very happy to get a duelist that does 10k DPS consistantly.

How much HP do you have right now?
Playing a dual-wielding swordsman of some kind.
In game name is Kaosu and/or ChaosBlade.
2770 max hp and auras reserves 280
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Looks good. I have a question though, why did you take the left path out of the starter tree for 1 handed bonuses to damage instead of taking the right hand path and taking the dual wield bonuses to attack speed?
I think left path gives higher Dps boost(I have not tested it)
1 handed damage increases also DW damage already tested that
Left path 26% physical damage 8% IAS
Right path 12% physical damage 14% IAS
I thibk that with over 300 strength in your build, plus cruel blade and other dmg keystones, it'd be more effective have taken the attack speed over %phys dmg boost at the beginning. Still looks like a solid build nonetheless.
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Question. Is it really not worthy to have crits and take resolute techniques ? I'm very low lvl but had image of a dualist with crits. Or is it that if You go to the str side as there isn't crit passives there's no point in having it at all? Looking for builds for a while but haven't found any build with crits, so starting to get worried that they aren't viable atm. P.S. You're build looks nice even considering on trying it at OB
Boozbaz I will try right path when I have enough regrets to change passives and I will let you know wich one is better. It is also true i have slow weapons but my attack time with cleave is 0.33

Eldievas I think it is possible to go crit change / multiplier.
Reason why I made my build non-crit was I dont have any accuracy nodes and swords have pretty low critical strike change. Second reason was it takes only 3 points to go resolute techniques and I dont know how many crit change/multiplier nodes I need, to get same dps as with resolute techniques.
Worst thing in resolute techniques is that I cant use my Diamond flasks anymore.

Thanks for the feedback
seems interesting might try it when ob start
thanks for the guide
I love this build! Going to make it with minor changes when the OB stars, thanks!

Question one: did you test it in pvp?
Question two: you did not take any DW high damage nodes, preferring to take sword nodes. Did you count the overall damage bonuses or just did that cos' you wanted so?
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