FleepQc's Righteous Fire build

Hey there, I've been working on this for a week now and I'm coming closer and closer to the point I want it to be. Right now I have to use ruby flasks because you need 89% fire resist to regen more than you actully lose. The maximum fire resist you can get without ruby flasks is 90%. The problem is that you need a lvl 20 purity to get to that point. I will explain how to make righteous fire work.

Righteous Fire:

Righteous Fire is a blue skill gem. It has a 1 sec cast time and remains on you until you hit 1 hp or you dispel it(with dispel burning wich you can get on potions and flasks). When you active righteous fire you start taking 100% of YOUR maximum hp every seconds as burning damage(can be reduced with fire resist) but also makes every foes within the range of righteous fire to take 50% of your maximum health every seconds(can ONLY be increased by burning damage. Note that increased burning damage will also increase the damage you take.). The only support gems you can use with righteous fire(that benefits it) is Increase Area of Effect wich increase the area that you will burn foes. Righteous fire also multiplicate your spell damage by 30% at lvl 1 and increases as you lvl your skill gem.

Max Resist:

You need to get the maximum fire resist you can get. The first step for this is getting + maximum fire resist. The cap of all 3 resists are by default 75% but you can increase it

You can maximum resist at 5 places:

- Elemental Adaptation

You can get this from the passive skill tree near the marauder starting tree. It increases the cap of maximum resist of fire, cold and lightning resist by 5%. This alone increases the cap of all those 3 resists to 80%.

- Saffell's Frame Branded Kite Shield

This is an unique shield that increases the cap of all maximum resists by 5%. If you combine this with Elemental Adapation, you increases your maximum resists cap to 85%.

Here's the shield.

- Purity

This is a blue skill gem that is awarded to templar and witches when they kill brutus on Ruthless difficulty. You will either have to drop it, buy it or lvl a templar or a witch to ruthless brutus. What purity does is give you Cold, Fire and Lightning Resist(not increasing the resist cap) and maximum Cold, Fire and Lightning Resist(increasing the maximum resist cap) as you lvl it up.(only starts giving you maximum resist at lvl 5 and only increasing it by 1). When your purity gem is at lvl 20 it increases the maximum Cold, Fire and Lightning Resist by 4%.

Here's the skill gem at lvl 16(the blue skill gem in the chest):


- Inner Force

Now we only need 1 more % to reach the 90% all maximum resists cap passivly. For this you have to get another node in the passive skill tree. It's called Inner force and is located near the templar and witch starting tree. What it does is increase the effect of buffs on you by 18% but to get Inner force you will also have to take both buffs effect wich also increase buffs effect but by only 6%. You get a total of 30% increased buffs effect. This will increase Purity since it is a buff. It will only increases the maximum resist cap if your purity currently increases your maximum resist by 3%. I'm not sure at what lvl purity needs to be to get 3% but I have one lvl 16 and it still increases my maximum resist by 2% so I don't know. With this, purity, the shield, and Elemental Adaptation you will have 90%(if your purity skill gem is maxed).

- Ruby Flask

You get ruby flasks by dropping them. Theses are placed in your potion belt.(so it uses your potions spots). What it does is increase your fire resist by 50%(increased by Increased Buffs Effect so you will get 65% instead of 50%)and increases your maximum fire resist by 10%(increased by Increased Buffs Effect so you will get 13% instead of 10%) when you use it. The flask have 60 charges and uses 30 each time you use the flask and it lasts 3.5 sec. This will get you to 103% maximum fire resist for 3.5 sec each time you use it. As soon as you have 89% maximum fire resist you won't need to use Ruby flask anymore. While you get to that point(89% maximum fire resist) you will have to use these if you want to use Righteous Fire.

Life Regeneration:

You want to get enough life regen to regen faster than the damage degeneration that you take. You will achieve this by getting both maximum fire resist(since the damage degeneration is fire damage) and life regen. The maximum life regen%(You can more if you are low on life but I won't count that because it is too risky to stand low life(35%)) you can get is 10.95% or 10.82% (not sure if vitality goes to 1.5% life regen). You can also get life regen on gear but it's either low on life regen% or Regen per minute(not % based).

Here's 4 way you can get Life regen.

- Passive Skill Tree

Most of the life regen% you will get is from the passive skill tree(a total of 7.4%). Just scroll down to see my passive skill tree for this build.

- Endurance Charges

You can only get a maximum of 3 enduarance charges but you can increases it in the passive skill tree by 3 and you can get a ring that increases your maximum charges by 1 and you can get 2 so you will be able to get 8 endurance charges(again go watch my passive skill tree to locate these). You will also have to get the passive node(in the passive skill tree) that increases your life regen% by 0.2% per endurance charges(so 0.2% times 8 equal 1.6%). You can get endurance charges with:
- Enduring Cry
- Unique chest

- Vitality

This is a red skill gem that increases your life regen by a % of your maximum health. I'm still unsure if the maximum life regen you can get from this skill is either 1.4% or 1.5%. You can get this gem from brutus on ruthless difficulty with the marauder.

here's vitality at lvl 16(one of the red skill gem in the chest):


- Gear

You can get Life per minute on regular gear(not % based). You can also get life regen% while on low life on some uniques. Low life equals being lower than 35% of your max health. I won't recomend low life regen% because it's risky being at 35% but I guess it can still save you if you go below 35%. I won't rely on this though.


Getting more HP(health points) increases the damage you are doing with righteous fire since you are doing 50% of your maximum Hp as burning damage to everyone in the range of righteous fire so getting more hp will increase your damage while increasing your surviability. That's exactly what you want. You want to get as many life node on the passive skill tree that you can grab while keeping your life regen, maximum resist and increased buffs effect passives. Just look at my passive skill tree down below and you will see wich increased hp nodes I grab. You also want Maximum life on your gear. You also get Life with strenght(1 life each 2 strenght).

The build:

Here's the passive skill tree that I've been using. I'm now lvl 66 and working my way up to test the true power of righteous fire.

Righteous Fire Build


I think Righteous Fire has a lot of potential and I still have a lot to learn about it so if you guys see something that I missed and that I should know feel free to comment and correct me. Keep in mind that in addition to increasing the maximum fire resist cap you also have to get fire resist. You don't have to get insane gear for it to work and that's great but you do need to get high lvl so yeah. I'm also sorry if this is not so well written since english is not my main language. This is also my first guide that I've ever made on the net and I hope you enjoy it. If I missed something please let me know.

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very well written.
well done


This build seems pretty cool. I was wondering about righteous fire and if it could be practical. Looks like you found it.

I think I may use this as my second or 3rd build in open beta. Thanks for the research man.
Was wondering about how did you level up?
Did you use GS/Heavy Strike to level?
(If that's the case then I think you took RT & Blood Magic then repec it later on.)
I assume you choose to help Oak for HP right?

I assume you could only use Righteous Fire only when you max your Resist and Hp Regen which can be quite a late game exclusive build.

I shall try my way up starting from scratch HC league for fun.
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FleepQc, very cool, thank you! Can you make a video with gameplay of such build?
LaFeeVerte wrote:
FleepQc, very cool, thank you! Can you make a video with gameplay of such build?

Look for Build of the week videos by GGG.
I have a lvl 76 maurader and I tried this already and you will fail like I did because your calculations are wrong.

lets say you have 8000 life.

You have 90% fire res (5 from node, 5 from purity (4 times 130%), 5 from shield)

You have 7.4% regen from nodes

you have 1.95 from vitality (1.5 times 130%)

you have 1.6% regen from endurance. (does this get modded by inner force, add +0.4 if it does)

90% resist with 10.95 regen on low life.

you will regen 876 life per second. 908 per second if endurance gets modded by inner force.

The issue:

inner force increases the 100% of your life mode to be 130%. You will take 10400 damage per second, 1040 after resists.

you will loose 164 life per second.

this is only sustainable at low life or by contantly popping ruby flasks while keeping all 8 endurance charges up which is not likely.
Which is why I plan on using GS with life leech as well.

Also, if you begin to lose life too fast. Pop a dousing flask.
You can skip inner force then and have 89% resist and 10.5% life regen ( 7.4% passive + 1.5% vitality + 1.6% endurance chagres ).

So with 8k hp you'll take 40 hp per second.
Forgot to mention I will also be using devouring totem.

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